A Godly Gallery of Kratos Cosplay


God of War III was released yesterday, marking one of the few days of the year that I’m sad I own only an XBox.  I don’t necessarily think the XBox is a better system – I’d rather stab myself in the eyes with infected needles than argue with a fanboy about which system is superior – it’s just the system I happen to own.  I played God of War and God of War 2 (back when I had a roommate with a PS2) and I’m saddened that I’m going to miss out on this one.

But enough about me and my gaming shortcomings.  In an homage to one hell of an game franchise and to one hell of a badass, enjoy this gallery of not-so-easy-to-pull-off Kratos cosplay.













**Update – from reader Sarah:


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  1. Madison, I feel ya…I’ve been holding off on picking up a PS3 until I upgraded my TV and by chance i did that this past weekend. I had completely forgotten GOWIII was coming out this week. So thanks for reminding me I have to now drop more money on a PS3 for GODIII lol

  2. Shame on you Madison.

    Go buy a PS3 and go buy this game.

    I’m serious. God of War 3 is the type of game that makes you hate the games you played as a kid because you never knew what you were missing.

  3. Also: Some of these were surprisingly good.

    Fun fact: I can do a damned good Kratos impersonation. And Otto/Jasper from the Simpsons. Very similar voices, Kratos just sounds angry.

  4. @ SirEdward

    Depending on my tax return, I just might. Although I doubt my girlfriend is going to be happy with that decision. Best of all, I can write it off on my taxes!

  5. (scoffs) These Kratos Cosplays are pretty terrible, not gonna lie.

    Let’s see, what’s wrong with these? Aha! Here we go.

    1: Height and Weight are wrong.
    2: Goatee is inaccurate.
    3: Costumes and Props look god-awful.
    4: Eyes are the wrong color.
    5: Scars look fake.

    If you’re gonna cosplay Kratos from God of War, either get it right or don’t do it, because it’s disrespectful to Sony, Santa Monica, PlayStation, and Fans.

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