A Highly Badass Gallery of Shinobi Fan Art

I must say that I’m pretty amazed that this site has been running for nearly three years now and I can’t recall us doing anything on Shinobi.  How is this possible?  I mean we’re talking one of the oldest and most respected Sega games in history.  We’re talking a character who ranks right up there with Sonic and Alex Kidd.

We’re talking some pretty “hall of fame” stats if you ask me.  Cartoons, movies, clothing, you name it.  So it’s about time we finally got around to others paying homage to such a great franchise.

Here’s a sweet fan art gallery that I’m sure you’ll all love…..

Thanks to artists at Deviant Art for these.  If you want attribution please contact us.

* There are also some Naruto pics in there that were just too good to pass up.

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  1. Just to tell you, your favorite picture is not from Shinobi but is from Naruto. It looks like a few more are from Naruto as well. I know you like to be corrected all the time and so I just thought I would help out with that.

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