A Gallery of Kids’ Shows All Grown Up

Many of you know that DeviantArt is one of my favorite sites to find content. It’s a huge collection of artists who can, and have, drawn just about anything you can imagine.

That’s why I can get random ideas like this in my head, and see them executed with ease. I thought it might be fun to see what it would be like if the kids from various shows we loved when we were young grew up, and what that might look like. Above you see the Rugrats, but below you’ll find the Hey Arnold, Dora the Explorer, Rocket Power, the Magic Schoolbus, The Last Airbender and many, many more with a few years put on them.

Check them all out here:

Dora the Explorer

Rocket Power

Magic School Bus

Powerpuff Girls


My Life as a Teenage Robot

Jimmy Neutron


Hey Arnold!

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Wild Thornberrys

The Fairly OddParents

Dexter’s Lab

Rescue Rangers


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  1. Awesome Pictures,

    as a fan of your site, I would also like the site to be amazing. So please next time do it like this.

    You Right Now.

    Rocket Power
    A Picture

    at the bottom of the page source,

    why not make it like this. Put a description on top saying click the images for their sources.

    Rocket Power by xxxxxxx
    A Picture=A URL linked picture.


  2. Man, the Airbender ones are great. The others, some are a bit creepy. Hahah. I think most of these don’t fall under the “All Grown Up” category, some are just sexified, and others are already adults. But still, neat gallery. 🙂

  3. Really looked forward to seeing pics since many shows I liked were featured. Unfortunately, Avatar: The Last Airbender seems to be the only legit one that fits the post title. All others are, indeed, seemingly juvenile and very amateurish porn-like replicas of fantasized imaginary characters.

  4. The Airbender ones are great and we probably will get some accuracy comparisons too when the airbender sequal-series (set a generation later) comes out later this year.
    (Technicaly shares none of the cast, but its set in the same universe so we will probably see them at some point even if its only in pictures)

  5. @ #Orleanas: Agreed, but i also like the fairly odd parents one, even though they are just full size versions, because they’re already adults – I thought it was cute and well drawn. Also the Dora one made me laugh (also thought it was well drawn). But mostly disappointed with the rest.

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