A Gallery of Battlestar Galactica Cosplay Which I Have Nothing Bad to Say About

Recently I wrote this post where I featured a bunch of Firefly cosplayers that I deemed “not the best.” Everyone thought I was being overly mean to my fellow nerds, so when writing this post, about cosplayers of an equally geeky sci-fi franchise, I’m going to hold my tongue.

I’m a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica, and I will say it’s probably better for cosplaying as its look is more distinctive than Firefly‘s. Here a bunch of fans have donned the shows various uniforms, and some of their efforts are quite good indeed.

So, I’m not saying YOU can’t make snide comments if you want, but I’m restricting myself for a change. Enjoy the gallery below.

Ron Moore approves!

Damn, that’s a good Gaius costume!

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  1. The first two viper pilots are pretty good. And surprisingly, after the first two sixes, the rest of the sixes are pretty good. It’s a costume that is made or broken on how hot you are. The 4th six wins.

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