Seven Really Funny Jack Black Moments You May Have Overlooked

I’m not sure how many of you out there are fans of Jack Black but I happen to be a big one.   Let me actually edit that however.  I’m a fan of Jack Black when he is in roles he’s supposed to be in.   For example he definitely shouldn’t have been in King Kong.

However in general I think when he’s playing the short, not particularly good looking funny dude there’s always something to smile about.   And then again there’s Tenacious D which I won’t be including in this article.

In any event, I wanted to share some awesome scenes with Black that we should all take notice of and remember….

“Bra” Scene from Airborne


This is one of the worst movies of all time but it’s Black before he was Jack Black and he’s hilarious even then.

Arm Blown Off in The Jackal

I just enjoy the character he played in this thoroughly.

He’s Dancing in Shallow Hal


Watch him pull an amazing 80s dance move here.

Singing in Biodome

OK fine I had to put one Tenacious D thing here.

Sales Clerk in High Fidelity

Definitely one of his better roles.

In The Office

This was one of the all time funniest clips from The Office.

The Stevie Clip in School of Rock

There are plenty of awesome moments in this movie but the way he says “Stevie” is incredible.


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  1. For a post 10x as long: All of the unfunny Jack Black Moments you sat through. He stinks. The only thing he’s good at is hosting the Kids Choice Awards.

  2. There are a few roles he did well (such as in The Jackal and High Fidelity listed above) but in those he was playing a supporting role, not playing the far too common Jack Black is Jack Black – the funniest man in the universe according to Jack Black – in a shitty Jack Black vehicle starring Jack Black.

    My biggest problem with him is that I could never find him even half as funny as he obviously thinks he is. He’s often good in supporting roles, but you couldn’t make me watch a movie where he is the lead.

  3. You forgot to mention his death scene in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.
    That is quite literally the funniest thing he’s ever been involved in.

    I laugh even thinking about it.

  4. he shows up on “mr. show” every once in a while and is pretty hilarious in them. however, the entire show is hilarious, so that might just be rubbing off on him.

  5. Stopped reading at Airborne is one of the worst movies of all time. Then started reading again at he was pretty good in Community. Then had to stop again.

    Not only is Airborne awesome, Jack Black almost ruined Community.

    The only good things he’s ever done was the bridge scene from Anchorman, and the scene where he’s chasing the bat in Tropic Thunder. Aside from that, he’s terrible.

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