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Heroes is well aware of Turkey Day lurking just a few days away (I can’t wait to gorge myself and not work), as evidenced by last night’s appropriately titled episode, “Thanksgiving.”  The Bennett clan got back together for an awkward dinner, but if you’re like me, you were more interested in just where Sylar’s consciousness ended up – was it back inside his old and Nathan’s current body, or, like some of you have speculated, did he wind up inside Peter?  Keep reading to for the full review.  As always, there will be spoilers.

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In each storyline this week, the characters celebrate Thanksgiving.  Claire celebrates with Noah, her mother, and her mother’s new pathetic dog-breeding boyfriend.  Noah brings along a date, a co-worker from his days at Primatech. It turns out that Noah was stalking her in the grocery store, but nobody seems to really have a problem with that.  The dinner itself wasn’t excruciatingly painful to watch, but it was easily the weakest part of this episode.  What was painful to watch, though, was Claire’s mom’s cartoon character boyfriend.  I know that he’s supposed to be unlikeable, but he didn’t have to be written as such an unmitigated nancy.  Anyway, Claire tells the table that she’s thinking about dropping out of college.  Her parents yell at her and her mother’s boyfriend embarks on a ridiculous monologue, prompting Claire to dig into her own arm with a carving knife.  The mom’s boyfriend subsequently faints. Of course he does.

I was hoping Claire would have stabbed the mother’s boyfriend, but no dice.  And she totally could have gotten away with it.  Noah wouldn’t say shit and would make sure no one else would, either.  Employ the Haitian if necessary.


After dinner, Gretchen arrives and surprises Claire.  And then, in typical Claire fashion, she goes ahead and makes yet another poor decision.  Claire was rambling to Gretchen about making her own choices, but Jesus, her judgment is awful.  Oh, so what’d she do?  Stole the compass from Noah before setting off with Gretchen to find Samuel.  Noah should just have the Haitian completely wipe Claire’s mind at this point.  The whole thing.

Meanwhile at the carnival, Hiro’s frustrated that Samuel still hasn’t given him Charlie, and so he confides in Lydia.  Lydia demonstrates her power – which has what to do with showing images of people on her back with the aid of ink? – and by having Hiro touch her, she’s able to “feel” what he feels.  Thus, thanks to her power, she’s able to learn everything that Hiro knows.  (Or maybe thanks to convenient writing?  How else to get Lydia all caught up with Hiro).


Hiro and Lydia travel back in time eight weeks and instead choose to follow Samuel to a field where he has a conversation with his brother, Joseph.  How on earth Hiro is still traveling back in time after all the damage he’s caused is beyond me.   After some sneaking around, Hiro and Lydia (and we) learn that – wow! – it was Samuel that killed Joseph.  I always kind of assumed that was the case, so I didn’t find the big reveal too surprising.  Either way, Samuel fired a stone through his brother’s throat because Joseph had called the government to watch over Samuel.  Samuel’s power is too great to be left unchecked, according to Joseph, as he is potentially capable of killing millions of people.  We saw Samuel watch the tape in the present, during the beginning of this episode, so he knows exactly how powerful he can become.  It’ll be interesting to see how they take him down.

Later, during the carnival’s Thanksgiving feast, Edgar calls out Samuel for murdering Joseph.  Samuel basically employs the “you smelt it, you dealt it” defense, and accuses Edgar of doing the same.  Hiro intervenes so that Samuel doesn’t kill Edgar, and Edgar goes running off into apparent exile.

Finally, Angela, Peter, and Nathan/Sylar have Thanksgiving dinner together in an empty apartment after some very impressive manipulating and guilt-tripping by Angela.  Peter and Nathan demand to know the truth, and so Angela comes clean about the whole Parkman plot and, as she is without a doubt used to doing by now, asks for forgiveness.  Soon enough, though, Sylar emerges amid a lightning display.  I have to say, it’s great to have him back and ready to kill.  Using telekinesis, Sylar pins Peter and Angela to their seats, but before he can finish carving Angela’s head, the parts of Nathan that still remain mange to “fend him off.”  Nathan flies off into the night, and Peter vows to stop Sylar for re-emerging.  I’m not positive, but I think the actor who plays Nathan – Adrian Pasdar – is leaving the show, meaning it’ll be Sylar who stays.

What did you guys think?  Happy to see Sylar come back, even if only for a moment?

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  1. I find it rather amazing how the writers,producers or whoever can still tolerate Claire. Is she sleeping with half of the crew or am I the only one who sees that she brings down the whole show. Anyway apart from the low points of seeing Claire’s whining the episode was decent. I like the Highlander thing Sylar had going and I hope we finally see him complete unleashed.

    And afterwards I hope he goes after the buffet of powers in the carnival just in time for a battle royale with Simon. And I hope we finally get it. Heroes has so far failed to deliver a single worthy super battle and it’s about time they deliver.

  2. @ Alex

    A Sylar/Samuel showdown would be incredible, especially if Sylar starts racking up powers from the other carnies.

    By the way, what exactly did the carnie with dreads do to Hiro? Totally wipe his mind???

  3. @Madison: I think he wiped Hiro’s memories since he was a kid. So he likely has no control of his powers again (which could mean he will die sooner than he would have)

  4. hiro has not lost his memories—-why does everybody think that? Why the hell would samuel want to get rid of his knowledge over his power?!

    my opinion is that damien read through hiro’s memory but the tumor in his head did something odd with the power and kind of overloaded hiro for a moment–sending him away.

    Hiro will no doubt just return (probably to Ando, i.e Watson–from Sherlock homes) and suffer a few moments of headaches no doubt, as his illness starts to take effect—–which btw people if you notice only occur when he stops time, not when he travels through it, and lydia’s power works through samuel to feel the earth, etc.

    hiro will be fine–no memory loss

  5. @ Josh

    I actually like Angela. I thinkt he actress who plays her is one of the best on the show, and Angela will sink to such depths that keeping her around will always keep a lot of possibilities open.

    @ Dylan

    I don’t know…he was speakign gibberish, and we were “shown” his memories…

  6. Why doesn’t Hiro just teleport to the time where she came in and was like “I’m sorry I got mad at you for saving my life.” and take her right before Samuel does, then kill him?

    And could Peter of used his healing powers to bring Nathan’s dead body back to life? Couldn’t that kid kill things and bring them back? Why didn’t he just bring his parents back?

  7. @ Rob

    As far as Hiro’s time travel goes, yeah, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

    Peter has Nathan’s flight power now, so he can no longer heal. And the kid that killed his parents didn’t know he could heal – I don’t think – until Noah taught him how.

  8. Shark jumping…. There is just too much and it is getting tougher to keep it all figured out.

    HIRO, stop being a little wuss!!!! As soon as Samuel tried to play hard ball, Hiro should stop time, cut off Samuel’s right hand, then start time. Ask “where is Charlie?”

    Then if Samuel tries to play it tough again or moves some earth, stop time again, remove Samuel’s left hand, start time.


  9. There’s only two characters I really can’t stand to see anymore and that’s claire and nathan. Nathan is already dead and he’s still in there, WHY? And claire quite conveniently can’t die, does that mean that she will forever pollute the heroes show (not that it isn’t already filled with crap) why can’t they send her on a rocket ship to the sun, I’m sure she’ll think the trip is educational because she’s such a dumbass.
    Also what happened to the whole, let’s heal hero because he is terminally ill and shouldn’t be out of the hospital plot? I’m surprised he’s still alive.

  10. @ Cystemic

    I liked Nathan as a villain, actually, especially since it often put him at odds with his brother. I think he’s on the way out for good, though.

    As for Claire, it seems as though she’s been the face of Heroes and that the writers simply can’t figure out what the hell to do with her.

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