Commander Shepard Taking No Chances During Upcoming Reaper Invasion

I’m excited about Mass Effect 3, and the ability to wrap up my favorite game series in years with a bang, but I’m actually even more excited that it’s been delay to 2012 so I won’t have to choose between it and Skyrim.

It also indicates they’re going to be putting more time into the game, possibly crafting more awesome armor sets like this one. No, this isn’t official, it’s made by artist StTheo, and has Shepard in full-on tank mode. I guess he doesn’t want to mess up that pretty face of is. Can he see out of that thing? I do like it, he looks like a sort of medieval space knight.

The artist also took on a redesign of Boba Fett in this same style which you can see below. He really does like that helmet shape.

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