How to Get the Sip of Health in ESO

Sip of Health in ESO

The Elder Scrolls Online would be the MMORPG of the Elder Scrolls series. It has been around for longer than what interested individuals might have expected. After all, The Elder Scrolls Online came out in April of 2014. However, the initial response was very mixed, which remained the case until the MMORPG received a re-release as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Edition in March of 2015. Something that brought about a lot of changes to say the least. Nowadays, the MMORPG seems to be doing well enough, so much so that it can be considered Bethesda’s most successful game from 2017 to 2021.

What Is the Sip of Health in ESO?

In any case, it should come as no surprise to learn that The Elder Scrolls Online has healing potions. Furthermore, it doesn’t have a single kind of healing potion. Instead, it has different kinds of healing potions made using different formulas as well as different materials. Out of these, Sip of Health would be the least impressive. Still, everyone has to start out somewhere. For that matter, it is what interested individuals will need to make if they want to complete the Alchemist Certification quest.

How Can You Make the Sip of Health in ESO?

Fortunately, making the Sip of Health is pretty much as easy as what one would expect based on its nature as the least impressive healing potion. In short, interested individuals should collect Natural Water, Columbine, and Mountain Flowers. After which, they can use those things at the Alchemy Station to make a Sip of Health. This particular combination of materials is the most readily available. Each of the three materials can be found in pretty much every single area, with the one exception being the absence of Columbine from Coldharbour. As such, interested individuals should have no problem getting them together, which makes sense because it wouldn’t have been assigned as the potion for the Alchemist Certification quest otherwise.

Having said that, interested individuals should also know that the Sip of Health can be made using other ingredients. They will always have to use Natural Water. However, they can substitute Blue Entoloma, Butterfly Wings, Crimson Nirnroot, Luminous Russula, and Water Hyacinth for the two materials that were mentioned earlier. Please note that some of these two-material combinations can make other potions. Still, most of these two-material combinations should result in a Sip of Health. As for collecting materials, well, that is something that interested individuals should be doing throughout their play-time. Yes, they can specifically head out to search for materials. However, they will find the process of making potions to be much more convenient if they remember to collect materials while they do other things, whether that means looting containers or picking up the materials that they come upon while out and about. This is particularly true when it comes to more common materials for lower-tier potions because it is that much more frustrating to waste valuable time on them.

Further Considerations

The Sip of Health is just the first step for someone interested in alchemy in The Elder Scrolls Online. Eventually, they will be able to produce much more powerful potions. Here are some examples:

Essence of Health

As mentioned earlier, Sip of Health would be the least impressive healing potion. Eventually, interested individuals are going to want Essence of Health, which restores health, magicka, and stamina while also boosting the recovery rates for all three of those things. In other words, it is the kind of potion that can be useful for pretty much everyone.

Essence of Spell Power

Unsurprisingly, the Essence of Spell Power is going to be useful for anyone who wants to play magicka-based DPS. After all, it provides a boost to both Spell Damage and Spell Critical while restoring magicka, thus making it very useful for people who want to hammer their enemies with spells as hard as possible. Besides that, the Essence of Spell Power might be beneficial for healers as well because there are some healing spells that benefit from higher Spell Damage.

Essence of Weapon Power

Speaking of which, people should have no problem guessing that there is a counterpart to the previous potion that is meant for stamina-based DPS. Indeed, chances are good that they can guess that the Essence of Weapon Power will boost both Weapon Damage and Weapon Critical while restoring stamina. Generally speaking, this potion tends to be more useful for people who are shooting from afar rather than fighting up close. After all, the former shouldn’t be taking a huge amount of damage assuming that everything goes right, meaning that they are freer to focus on maximizing their damage rather than other aspects of their performance.

Essence of Invisibility

Sometimes, people need to make a quick getaway. The Essence of Invisibility is the perfect potion for them for a couple of reasons. One, it makes the user invisible while letting them run away. Two, it will provide the user with a very noticeable boost to their health recovery. As such, the Essence of Invisibility is an excellent way for interested individuals to disengage from a bad situation before either running away or reengaging under more favorable circumstances for themselves.

Essence of Speed

If players aren’t in immediate danger, they might be able to get more use out of the Essence of Speed, which lives up to its name by increasing their running speed. There will be times when people want to run to a place as fast as possible. For that matter, the Essence of Speed can offer a lot of convenience, particularly when interested individuals are playing a slower character.

Essence of Immovability

The Essence of Immovability does a bit of restoration for both health and stamina. However, it is even more important for preventing both Disabling and Knockbacks. As such, it is no exaggeration to say that the Essence of Immovability can be a life-saver for someone who is caught in a bad situation, particularly when they are engaging in PvP rather than PvE. Having said that, it has its limits, meaning that it is best not to become overconfident while under its effects.

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