10 Things You Didn’t Know about Elder Scrolls 6

The Elder Scrolls VI is the next installment in the series of the same name. Due to this, it is bound to be a high-profile title, particularly since it has been so long since the initial release of its immediate predecessor. With that said, while the existence of the project has been confirmed, there are no signs when it will be released whatsoever, meaning that interested individuals shouldn’t get too excited until more news comes out. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about The Elder Scrolls VI:

1. Next Installment in the Elder Scrolls Series

The Elder Scrolls VI will be the next installment in The Elder Scroll series. Said series can be considered Bethesda’s flagship, particularly since prior to The Elder Scrolls: Arena in 1994, the video game developer was better-known for sports games than for RPG games.

2. Has Big Shoes to Fill

There are always high-expectations for the latest installments in successful series. However, The Elder Scrolls VI has particularly big shoes to fill because it will be following in the wake of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which has been so ridiculously successful that it received a new VR version in April of 2018.

3. Has Been Announced

So far, The Elder Scrolls VI has seen the release of a single teaser. As a result, it isn’t one of those projects that people know are coming at some point in the future but rather one of those projects that have received official announcements of their existence but not much more than that.

4. The Teaser Featured a Mountainous Coastal Environment

For those who haven’t seen the teaser, it featured a short view of a mountainous, coastal environment. Unfortunately, that was nowhere near enough to provide interested individuals with meaningful information about the setting of the upcoming title, though that hasn’t stopped them from making the attempt anyways.

5. Some People Think the Setting Will Be Hammerfell

One popular line of speculation is that the setting for The Elder Scroll VI will be Hammerfell. In part, this is because the landscape seems to be the best match for said location based on what is known by the fandom. However, it should be mentioned that Hammerfall’s circumstances make it an excellent choice for Bethesda wants to follow up on some of the plotlines laid out in Skyrim.

6. Hammerfell Has Plenty of Story Potential

In short, Hammerfell is the Imperial province that rejected the White-Gold Concordat between the Empire and the Altmeri Dominion, which resulted in it standing on its own. Due to this, there is potential for conflict with both the Empire and the Altmeri Dominion. Moreover, Hammerfell is perfect for exploring the further consequences of the White-Gold Concordat that played a pivotal role in kicking off the civil war in Skyrim.

7. Some People Think the Theme Is Indicative

Speaking of which, some people think that the theme of the teaser is one more piece of evidence that the setting will be Hammerfell. In the short, the themes of The Elder Scrolls series tend to be indicative of the settings. As a result, the orchestral and even militaristic sound of the theme is being used to make the argument that the Redguard who inhabit Hammerfell will be taking center stage.

8. Some People Think This Might Turn Out to Be Skyrim 2

Skyrim was a huge success. As a result, there are some people who are wondering if The Elder Scrolls VI will be as much of a follow-up to it as it will be a follow-up to the series as a whole. After all, there are a lot of people out there whose strongest connection to The Elder Scrolls series is through Skyrim, meaning that it would make sense to strengthen those connections by building upon them.

9. Won’t Be Released Until Starfield Comes Out

With that said, The Elder Scrolls VI is still in the very, very early stages. In fact, it is still so early that we know that it won’t be released until Bethesda has released Starfield. For those who are curious, Starfield is a new sci-fi series from Bethesda, which is particularly notable because it will be the first new series from the video game developer in years and years.

10. Remains to Be Seen How Fallout 76 Will Impact It

Recently, Bethesda had a rather lackluster launch for Fallout 76, which possesses such a wide range of errors that one can’t help but wonder what happened. Regardless, the launch has had a negative impact on Bethesda, particularly since some of the marketing suggests that the video game developer was hoping for it to turn into something as long-lasting as Skyrim. Due to this, it will be interesting to see whether Fallout 76 will have a negative effect on The Elder Scrolls VI or if Bethesda will be able to recover from its stumble before then.

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