Is the New CryEngine Demo the Best Graphics Ever?


If not, it’s pretty damn close. Crysis has always been the benchmark for graphical perfection when it comes to PC gaming, and now with a new engine, they’re looking to top themselves to an even great degree.

This video is a short demo for the CryEngine 3 SDK 3.4.0, and shows that game graphics, if you have a good enough system, and getting dangerously close to complete and utter photorealism, almost entirely indistinguishable from reality. It will likely take quite a bit longer for these sort of graphics to reach consoles, but in another five years or so, I bet we’ll get there. And after that? Who knows. Once games become as real as reality, what makes a real, boring life worth living for some?

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  1. After we reach that point I wonder how expansive the game can be made. How about one that mixes several styles each with a Skyrim large map. One cartoon cel shaded, one photorealistic, one made with only vectors like mad world, one anime-like and one abstract surrealistic like Journey.

    I also wonder if the demand for this level of details will really make grow the size of the development teams.

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