StarFox Inserted Into GTA: San Andreas Cutscenes


Another day, another hilarious mod made possible by PC gaming. I may be a mainly console player myself, but I can’t deny the boundless creativity that modding opens up on the PC. Like without it, we never would have known what it might look like if StarFox characters lived in the GTA universe. And then where would we be?

This rather odd project is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds, and twice as hilarious. They’ve subbed in Starfox models into various cutscenes throughout the game, and the results are pretty damn entertaining. Now, can they make it so you’re playing the entire game as Starfox himself? Because that would be fantastic.

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  1. Based on the video the characters weren’t subbed in, rather this was made with the modification of the skins and models of the original characters. If you look at the video and check out the same cutscene of the game with the original models, you can see that the starfox ones move exactly like the originals (which have a very distinguishable movement that’s common in Rockstar games), so I would say this was made with modified skins and models, so sooner or later it might be available on the internet as a mod pack.

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