The Pokedex Project

There’s nothing like a good Pokemon art project, and I’m  not going to overlook one just because it’s in the sketching phase. This is “Project Pokedex” by Lmerlo. His goal was to badassify the original 151 Pokemon, and from what I can tell, it’s mission accomplished.

This is exactly the sort of thing I would have doodled in my notebooks when I was supposed to be paying attention in class. I doubt I would have gotten through them all, but props to the artist for doing so. Check out the full gallery below, and pray Nintendo wises up and makes a grown-up version of the game someday. Right after an R-rated Star Wars movie is released of course.

Thanks to Alyssa for sending this in.

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  1. Great drawings, but I think the badassification works better when you can associate it with more real, plausible creatures..
    i.e. Dragonite, Zubat look awesome, Cleafairy, Chansey, Wigglytuff are nightmarish not in a good way…but overall, really cool..

  2. Most of those are totally epic. Some are a bit… disturbing. But the only one I really have a problem with is Mew. I mean, wtf man, Mew isn’t on crack lol I would have drawn him looking a bit more like Meowth or something

  3. As a whole, pretty awesome. However, I agree with Amy. A bit too much effort was put into “badassifying” all of them… and many of them simply end up looking like eldritch horrors. Just like animals, there would probably still be some cute and peaceful looking ones, and ones that look fearsome.

    My favorite in the collection there is dragonite, only because I hated the pokemon so much for ruining the dratini evolution line with it’s fairy-tale dragon esque lameness. This one actually looks fearsome, as it should.

  4. infinitely impressive. those are the only words I had for this drawing collection.

    to the javier and dorkrunner guys, this artist put his own unique spin on this stuff. He did not “put too much effort into badassifying it”, it was just as he envisioned it!

    and to slashmastah and anybody else who thinks it… really? the “original” are the “only”? did you ever think about the very first episode when we see ho-oh? or when gary (/blue) had way more experience and always one step up on ash (/red) with new pokemon (i.e. umbreon)? that means THEY ALL EXISTED AT THE SAME TIME. so get off your high horse, quit trolling, and realize that if you’re saying the “original” are the “best”, you’re talking about all the generations at once.

    so, marshall erickson, please… help me out here…

  5. I agree with Amy and Dorkrunner, especially about Mew. I think Mew should look like a smaller, less developed version of Mewtwo, just like he really was, not like an emaciated cat with its fur ripped off and a gerbil tail.

  6. I disagree. Pokemon should not “grow up.” I don’t get why gamers say that about a lot of games. It’s like you have all been infected with a “pretty neat childrens stories with great gameplay now suck” virus. I’m the same age as you, Paul, but I don’t want to destroy something I loved right in front of new gamers who just got a foot in the door.

  7. I can actually identify with these drawings as representations of battling states of our psyche rather than the bubbly eyed boring blhusilt I had to grow up with. This is a step up for all Pokemon enthusiasts, even if it is a reluctant step. Wild pokemon are not perfectly groomed and healthy, and owners can even treat their pets like crap so this really allows the viewer to see the more nuanced and possibly taboo side of a story we have been watching for 15 years through the eyes of Ash Catch’em; emotional it has been, but Ash Catch’em’s fixed perspective has made Pokemon alien to their own potency. These aren’t Team Rockets Pokemon or an evil form but rather the ‘eat or be eaten, caught, stolen, abused and courageous evolution of concubinage/cohabitation through latency manipulation and interspecific competition’ Pokemon. Pokemon is based on real world events — really it is. Stop trying to maintain an evaluation of a product solely based on the increments of your limited imagination; most especially if it detracts from the personalization and sur-rendering of creative response.

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