What the PS4 and Xbox One Have in Their Corner to Win Me Over


Everyone keeps pitting the PS4 and Xbox One against each other. I thought that this time around, I would write a post that would talk about why I am getting both. I know that I used to preach “PS4 FOREVER!!!” to the nth degree, but the truth is I’m in love with both systems. I had an Xbox and its successor the Xbox 360 in the past. I had a lot of good memories and experiences with it. On the other hand, I had the PlayStation consoles since the very first one. Of course, this was the time when my parents bought everything for me. I think I became more of a PlayStation die-hard when I found out that I would be spending my own dough for the next-generation. My savings and salary could only afford one so I had to choose a side.

I have a theory that gamers become console fan boy/girls as a way of masking the fact that they could not afford to get both consoles. Admit it! if you could have both, you would right? Sometimes the only way to save face when you can’t have something you want is to show that you didn’t want in the first place. I’ve seen my friends do this, and heck I’ve done this before. I have loads of other theories like it’s because of nostalgia or self-defense from other fan boys/girls, but I still have to develop those then maybe I’ll write more about it.

Thankfully, recent events have made it possible for me to get both consoles. Sony might have crushed Microsoft in E3 and beat them when it comes to price, but I do believe that there is still a close battle between the two. They might be similar in various aspects, but they still have some differences that make it worth it to get both. I’m not persuading or even subtly pressuring you to buy both, but hopefully I can help you choose if you are still undecided on what to get first.

PS4- The Exclusive Titles


 I personally choose PS4’s exclusive titles in a heart beat. I loved Uncharted, The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, and I can already tell that I’ll love Beyond: Two Souls. I’m definitely looking forward to their exclusive line-up for the PS4 like Infamous: Second Son and The Order 1886. That’s just the titles they announced, we all know they are working on new IPs and sequels to franchises we love. Admittedly, PlayStation has always been lacking in social features and this is something Microsoft beat them in. I was happy with my Xbox 360, but I still got a PlayStation 3 just so I could play their exclusives. For me, they were worth buying one whole system for. I wouldn’t be satisfied with playing them during short bursts in a sleepover party. Microsoft has great exclusives, but most of them didn’t really appeal to me. However, there’s one upcoming exclusive that heavily pushed me to even consider getting an Xbox One.

Xbox One- Fable Series


A lot of people have given up on this series, but I haven’t. This was the franchise that made me fall in love with the Xbox. I was throwing a tantrum when my dad bought a console that wasn’t Sony until I found this game one day. Ever since then, I definitely took pride in being called a chicken chaser by fellow fans. I admit that Fable Legends was not what I expected. I wanted a follow-up single-player experience called Fable 4, but that’s not happening anytime soon. I was kind of disappointed that they were focusing more on online than an offline experience. However, I’m still a huge fan of the series to completely say goodbye. I bet it would take five more crappy games in the series for me to completely give up.

PS4- PlayStation Plus


I’ve had my Xbox 360 for a really long time and there was never a time that I was tempted to go Gold. When I started playing on my PS3, it wasn’t too long until I decided to give its premium online service a try. I loved it and I actually felt that I was getting more than what I paid for. I was so amazed at how much triple A games I get for a small fee. I have to tell myself that I should just wait for a game on PlayStation Plus instead of buying it for full price. I usually feel cheated with all these “free” promotions because I feel like companies only give out the crap instead of the good ones. This isn’t the case with PlayStation Plus. You know a company is doing it right when you feel like they’ve given you so much. I know Microsoft is doing games for Gold too, but if I am not mistaken, it is only until the launch of the Xbox One. No word yet if it will continue after the release.

Xbox One– The Kinect


Okay, I actually asked my mom to buy the Kinect for my graduation gift. A lot of people hated it because developers would force it into their games, but I really had fun using it with games that were made for it. I used it during parties I hosted and it was a hit especially when we had Dance Central available. The sports games were also a lot of fun to play with my family and friends. Paul wrote this post on Forbes about how Microsoft’s most important exclusive so far is the Xbox Fitness. I would have to agree with him especially since I’ve had experience exercising to those fitness videos. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m doing a complicated move right or wrong so I get frustrated. The Kinect aims to rectify that and improve the experience by monitoring your heart rate and vital stats. The catch is there’s an additional subscription fee in addition to Xbox Gold. Now, that’s something that’ll definitely make you think twice but you do get to have it for free for a year so that really helps.

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  1. Well, I have to say that not all of us can afford to buy both. If I could, I would. Granted, I do think you’re right that sometimes people pick a side partially to cover the fact that they couldn’t afford both. Frankly, whatever your reason, some people just take the whole argument too far. PS4 appeals to me more then Xbox 1 and I could tell you why, but I’m not going to think you’re some kind of horrible person for buying an X1.

  2. It’ll all come to games. I’ll wait for the first year since all the games I want will still grace current gen consoles. Also to see how their first year goes, surely hardware or system issues will be noticeable by then, making my decision easier and far less regretable.

  3. Fangirl! Corporate shill! Tryhard! NOOOOOOB! Wii U or gtfo!

    [muttley snicker]

    @lubz- I’m actually whipping up a legit defense of why the Fable series may still be more than worth our time for BB’s site. It’s just a matter of rubbing Lionhead’s nose in their pile of fail and hoping they don’t make similar mistakes in the future.

  4. Hardly an unbiased look at both consoles. I understand the attachment to the PS4, so why not just say so. I’m more of an Xbox fan and I’m buying Xbox One for Titanfall and Dead Rising. I’ve had a good experience with Gold.

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