Survey Says: How Many Hours Have You Put Into Diablo 3 So Far?

Well it’s…what, day four of the Diablo launch? After exploring every nook and cranny in normal mode, I’ve beaten the game in the first out of four difficulties. How long have I spent killing, looting and farming this week? Honestly, I haven’t checked yet. But here we go.


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Let’s see, 23 hours and six minutes. Yikes. Granted at least a few of those hours are me being AFK, as the game is just left open, but still. That’s quite a tally. I’ll be doing another journal installment next week, but before then, I just wanted to see if anyone can top my tally. As there are some who are already in Inferno with level 60 characters, I assumed a few of you have me beat. What’s your total playtime? Feel free to add up characters if you like. Has it been worthwhile to you so far?

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  1. 5 chars, total about 24 hrs. Level 34 wizard just started nightmare…..kicker: full time job and 8 months old at home. I got a problem I think.

  2. Zero. And i intend to keep it that way.
    Waiting for Torchlight 2 instead. From what I’ve seen so far, D3 is nothing that couldn’t have happened ten years earlier. Nothing more than a slightly tweaked version of D2.

  3. @Kaeyne
    Dude, no one cares. We are here to get excited and talk about the game, not read your opinion on a game you’ve never played and refuse to.

  4. @MattChi

    Actually, sharing opinion is the exact point of the comments section.
    My favorite part of any comments section is the person getting mad because someone doesn’t share the majority opinion and they spoke up about it.

    After having participated in the beta, I’ve decided to sit this game out. DRM schemes are another reason as well.
    Zero hours for me (at least in retail.)

    Torchlight 2 stress test is open this weekend, definitely going to check it out

  5. While there’s nothing wrong with diverse opinions, I have to side with Mattchi. Openly criticizing a game that you haven’t and won’t play is rash and ignorant. It doesn’t mean you can’t do it, but it’s of negligible value to anyone else and not worth the time spent to read it.

  6. @Dorkrunner

    And you’re being presumptuous in assuming that everyone who has a complaint against the game falls into this group. Plenty of people (myself included) have played the game and still hold a dissenting opinion.

    If the beta/open beta (or starter edition) isn’t enough to judge the game off of, then they should look into reworking the ‘demo’ as it’s going to be the same thing when it is released, as the purpose of a demo is to help people make a decision as to whether or not they will purchase a game.

  7. @Draugr

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m open to all sorts of opinions and enjoy the discussions/debates, I just get irritated by,
    as Dorkrunner put it,

    “Openly criticizing a game that you haven’t and won’t play”

    that’s the only point I was making. Just seemed like a blatantly troll comment to me.

  8. Well I haven’t purchased it yet, just waiting till all the bugs are fixed. Do this with everything that I buy; car, technology etc.

    Also I just have to add that when I don’t really care about a comment, I just skip it and move along….:D

  9. Beta and demo are NOT the same thing. Beta are bug testing, shit is supposed to break.

    The starter edition is the demo.

    The bug’s in the first week of the game release? Bad bull, but not really a big deal in the scheme of things.

    And criticizing a game you have no intention of ever playing? Sometimes it is just better to keep your mouth shut.

    I’ve got a solid 3.5 hours I just killed on the starter edition. Blizzard is really fortunate that they have a couple series in SC and Diablo that just don’t need serious amount of tweaking to still be fun and successful games.

    Not to say they haven’t done some serious updates under the hood. They most certainly have.

  10. Maybe 1hr for me.. the game completely lost it’s atmosphere.. the old Diablo’s were dark and evil. I literally was too scared to continue going deeper and deeper into the old catacombs when I was younger. Now D3 is too cartoony and silly.

  11. i think its funny pretending this game is somehow different then the others in tone. Go play diablo 2, its grainy, its confusing the controls are bad and the leveling is idiotic. Torchlight 2 is something worth checking out but im pretty sure you have to use steam and that just annoys me. The only reason doesnt bother me is because i already had a wow account so it wasnt an extra step or anything.

    Also 25 hours lvl 35 witchdoctor.

  12. 0 (in words: zero.)
    and this int is not going to be incremented due to the fact that blizzard implied this…. *insert offensive word of your choice* DRM.
    i am not going to support games that implement such means because i do not want this to become generally accepted.

  13. 20hours with my monk. Having fun experimenting with builds. Gold is really a commodity since its the only way you can upgrade your artisan and jeweler which are important for crafting better gears. Merchants are only good for selling crap. I miss the day though when I wanna gamble gold for crap or even uber items from the merchant.

  14. 42 hours with my Witch Doctor. Would be more but I was away 2,5 days. I have a gaming problem. I blame Diablo 3, it’s just extremely fun and addictive. I have played only multiplayer with my rl friends.

  15. @Scott

    “Beta and demo are NOT the same thing. Beta are bug testing, shit is supposed to break.
    The starter edition is the demo.”

    In this case they are, the content from the two are identical. If my issues were technical, then I would certainly wait for a ‘demo’ version, but everything was fine in that regards, so it’s the same thing…

  16. I think my wife and I are around 15hrs. We picked it up on Saturday (Friday US time). We play in Korea 😛

    I think the game is GREAT fun and it is something that my wife and I really needed… a great co-op game that is fun, addicting and fast paced. I will be spending my of my time in multiplayer games with her (I know most people won’t necessarily have this).

    Overall though, my initial thoughts are:
    Pros: fast paced, very customized, great for co-op play
    Cons: need a quick skill set (just to change between fights, not during), need to be able to play locally. It sucks when it’s just two of us but there is lag that causes us to die or some other stupid thing to happen.

    “Always-On” DRM: I don’t mind the fact I have to log in, I mind the fact I have to play on their server for a game that could be local to our home network.

    We will be trying the Asia servers tonight I think to see if there is a difference.

  17. 38 hours roughly. Played a Monk through normal and half of nightmare. Several other characters that I toyed with, including 2 hardcore characters. This game is fun and addicting, but it really is nothing more than a tweak of D2.

  18. I’m sorry, but i don’t really know the amount in hours, so I’m gonna post the lvls of the characters ^^

    Barbarian – 51 still on nightmare, waiting for my slower friends u.u
    Demon Hunter – 20
    Wizard – 13
    Monk – 31 Deceased on Nightmare Hardcore for the dishonored lag. Still makes me cry when I remember T_T
    Wizard – 13 Hardcore

    I think it must be more than 40 hours I guess.

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