A Gallery of Angry Birds Taking Over Finland

I heard a long time ago that Angry Birds was moving into merchandising based on the popularity of their mobile game. Since then, I’ve seen products here and there, and laughed at “Angry Birds Gummies” before I bought some and they were delicious.

But I didn’t quite realize the full extent of this. Apparently in Finland in particular, Angry Bird knick-knack crap is all the rage, and those damn birds are on more products than Star Wars now. One Finn (is that right?) Kuggis decided to document just how crazy it’s gotten over there.

From beauty products to board games to PS3 controllers, the birds are out of control. I’m tempted to join the pigs just to get them to cut this shit out.

Middle click to open each picture quickly in a new tab.


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  1. I’m from Finland and yep, Angry Birds are pretty much rock stars at here. No matter where you go, sooner or later you’ll see a red bird or a pig staring at you.

  2. I’m Australian and the same thing has happened here. Every shop you go into now has something Angry bird themed..Phone/tablet covers, pens, usbs, dvd players, stereos, car seat covers, helmets, bags-you name it, it’s probably got a damn angry bird on it….

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