A Truly Terrifying Little Sister

You know, I kind of get annoyed when people yell at me for posting too many pictures of sexy girls in cosplay costumes. The fact is, that’s the way the majority of female cosplay costumes are made, and there really isn’t a male “sexy cosplay” equivalent, unless you’re going as like, He-Man or someone.

But the fact is, I welcome ANY kind of amazing costume from either gender, no matter how much skin is or is not revealed. Case in point today being this rather awesome Little Sister costume from L. Jinto. There’s nothing sexy about it in the least, but it gets its own feature because it’s expertly made and beautifully photographed. Now no complaining when an expertly made and beautifully photographed Ivy from Soul Calibur costume gets featured next week. Hmph.

Anyway, check out more photos from this shoot below. The girl in question reminds me a bit of April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation in a few of these shots.

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  1. I don’t think anyone is missing out on you not posting “sexy” male cosplay images. I think people generally complain because 10 cosplay posting in the course of a week gets excessive.

  2. I shouldn’t take away from the time and effort that went into making these. They truly are works of art. Its just… after awhile its like, “Okay, you chicks like playing dress-up. We get it. If I want to see more I’ll do an image search.”

    Good work ladies, although your hardly advancing your gender by playing sexy dress-up. I kid, I kid.

  3. just for the record, I will never get annoyed with you for posting too many sex cosplay girls. if fact, that entire last sentence feels like it could have been an oxymoron.

  4. I’m sincerely sorry that sometimes you have to read comments from women, expressing concern that we’re too often portrayed as pieces of meat. I’m sorry that you live in a world where both sexes get to speak. I’m sorry that you can’t put a sex filter on your site and only let boys in. I’m sorry that we don’t feel comfortable in a place with photoshopped, half-naked (or whole-naked) women featured every day. I’m sorry that we don’t get excited when we see the “Today’s girl is-” link. Most of us don’t want “male sexy cosplay equivalents.” Using the “Yeah, well, men can be sexy too!” argument makes you sound like a child who doesn’t understand our society’s system for sex or the way women feel. Posting half-naked men doesn’t have the same effect, because, guess what, we live in an unequal world. The past happened, and you can’t change it. Women are paid less. Teenage girls struggle with self-esteem problems more than boys. We’re being objectified at an all-time high, and you, in your small way, are keeping that system going.

    a woman who’s been offended for the last time

    PS-This post is great except for the first paragraph. You sound pouty and immature.

  5. @Sarah

    “I’m sorry that you live in a world where both sexes get to speak. I’m sorry that you can’t put a sex filter on your site and only let boys in. ”

    You know what? Fuck you. And that’s not something I say often or lightly.

    I’m all for having a conversation about this sort of stuff, but accusing me of wanting to ban girls from my site or ban them from speaking is over the line bullshit, and I won’t tolerate it. Yes, the site is probably more geared toward men, as men write it, but all girls are welcome here, and this post was me just saying, “hey look, I feature any cool costume, not just sexy ones,” but if you are going to start accusing me of contributing to every gender inequality problem from self-esteem to unequal pay, I’m not going to stand for it.

  6. It does sort of suck when you go to comments to see people’s reactions and on almost any post where a real, thinking, talented female person is featured, you immediately see “I’d go there” “I’d hit that” “I think I’m in love”. Why? Because that’s the type of language stalkers and womanizers use “amongst the boys.”

    Granted, it happens in reverse, too, and I know men can be just as much a victim of it as women. It’s still unsettling and, in my opinion (it’s your site, so just stating my opinion if you value feedback), inappropriate.

  7. @ Bad Acid
    And the internet is for boys, and it’s accepted as a place for boys. Especially nerdy sites, but it’s everywhere. Youtube is the best example. A woman writes a funny skit or composes a good song, and all the comments are is “Hey ur hot wana bang?” Women on the internet are to be looked, not heard.

    @ Paul
    But you ARE contributing to it. Like I said above, nerdy sites, such as this one, are the worst places for girls on the internet. All of the other problems I said stem from the fact that women are to be looked, not heard. We’re based on our looks. That’s all that matters.

    And I admit that the banning part came out perhaps harsher than I wanted. English is not my first language.

  8. @Sarah
    I hate to say it but you are contributing to it also… if you don’t like something don’t bother with it. If you want to see more of something on the internet, make a spot on the internet for it, no need for this harassment. Sure your standing for what you believe in, awesome, but you are doing it in one of the worst ways possible and passing off as a zealot. Zealots like you make the REST OF US WOMEN LOOK BAD. Also your facts…ya no. Because of the fear of a woman calling “Sexist”, women are now at the very least being paid the same as men. The self confidence of teenage girls? That is done by other women…between the teen magazines that mimic their adult counterparts in objectifying what the “perfect woman should look like”.

    ..anyways this segment is supposed to be about the pictures of the real life Little Sister!

    Awesome job! :3
    The Yellow eyes set the creepiness perfectly too o.o

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