I Guess Star Wars is Just Handing Out Licenses Now

Because the public is growing bored of Angry Birds the way they would any mobile game, the brand is trying to attract new owners of short attention spans by teaming up with Star Wars. The license has resulted in a new game out November 8th. I guess lightsabers and force blasts would be quite good for knocking down wooden pig houses.

It’s funny, I think Angry Birds is now like Star Wars’s padowan. Star Wars the master merchandiser, and has plastered its characters over every buyable object in existence over the years. Angry Birds? Somehow, they’re popular enough to try and do the same. I’ve seen shirts, stuffed animals, even goddamn fruit candy featuring these damn cock-eyed fowls.

Clearly they still have much to learn, but this partnership with Star Wars will probably have them Angry Birds toasters and toilet paper by the end of the year.

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  1. It’s funny here in Britain we’ve had Yoda advertising the Vodafone network.

    It really does seem Lucas is milking Star Wars for all its worth…more than usual.

  2. I don’t want to sound cynical, but I will anyway…

    George Lucas milking Star Wars for all it’s worth is nothing new. He’s been doing that since long before most of us were in even in middle school. Pizza Hut Star Wars 20th Anniversary Posters, anyone?

  3. Now why isn’t PETA mercilessly beating this to a pulp? They can parodize Nintendo in a millisecond, even though Mario gets his tanooki suit from a FUCKING LEAF, but they won’t even bat an eye at the most obvious example of animal abuse that has become extremely popular in recent years?

    Their selective senses always fascinated me…that and the fact that one of their games features a strip tease.

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