Black Desert May Have the Most Insane Character Creator in Video Game History

Upcoming Korean MMO Black Desert has made a big splash by introducing what very well might be the most detailed character creation system to ever grace a video game. As someone who usually spends a solid hour with the Skyrim/Saints Row/Mass Effect creator before even starting the game, I imagine I could triple that with the insane amount of detail featured here.

While naturally, hot Asian elf females are the focus of the video, it’s clear that you can make ALL different kinds of good looking people with the creator. The level of detail you have access to is just insane.

I actually like using character creators in games to try and bring to life characters from my books. Like, Asha, one of the stars of my trilogy, ended up being my lead character for the last two Saints Row games. It’s just cool to be able to give life to characters you have in your head when you’ve only written about them, and can’t draw terribly well.

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  1. Insane, hopefully you don’t spends hours on it only to never really see the face again like with Skyrim. It also reminds me of the anime .hack.

  2. More choice has the opposite effect on me. There were so many choices in the Saints Row series that I just took the default choices. Being able to make character changes after the game starts makes choices easier as well. Something I always took advantage of. Though I did spend hours customizing and choosing clothes, tattoos and accessories.

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