Ravenswatch is a Fairy Tale Rougelike Game with Intense Combat

Ravenswatch is an old-fashioned action game where the perspective is seen from the top-down. These types of games aren’t really seen that much these days. The story is about heroes from tales of various lineages teaming up to smite an evil menace known as the “Nightmare.” They’re evil demonic beings corrupting the lands with their presence and working their way up to fully invading them. It’s a simple story which is all that’s needed for a game of this type. Furthermore. this new title will also have roguelike elements which will offer something new with every playthrough. Developer Passtech Games are taking what they did with Curse of the Dead Gods and enhancing it. Naturally, this game can be played solo and also with co-op components through a variety of adventures. Up to four players can team up to take out The Nightmare and dig up loot that’s tucked away throughout the large levels.

The combat in Ravenswatch will be real-time and there will be a variety of skills to unlock. Everything will be associated with the character’s own stories. Red Riding Hood will be able to transform into a wolf, for instance. The skills may not be totally accurate to the source material, but they are related to a degree. The action in this game will be hot and heavy. Skills will need to be built up in order to demolish the boss at the end of each level. Not to mention that an emphasis on teamwork will also be needed in order to win the day. There is a lot to look into with Ravenswatch. This game takes place within a dark fantasy world and puts a new spin on the fairy tales that are world renowned for generations. It is an interesting take on these stories and every character offers something for everyone.

Nightmare Riders

The thing about Ravenswatch is that players don’t need to funnel themselves to the boss with every playthrough. Players can explore the realm of Reverie and see what is waiting to be discovered. Taking the time to upgrade characters and obtain higher-tier gear is what’s recommended for every type of roguelike game out there. Of course, there will be times when players will have no choice but to face the boss with whatever lousy loadout they happen to have. This is why teamwork is essential in this game. Layering all of the abilities on top of each other to create a devastating group of warriors can make all the difference as opposed to going solo. Enemies will be coming from all angles and they will be relentless. Any old-school gamer who used to play Gauntlet in the arcade should have an idea of what to expect with this title.

The levels offer a lot of places to explore, but they will be condensed. There will be various pathways to go down to and check out. There won’t be much time to sightsee since attacks will be coming from all fronts. Luckily, some characters come with abilities that flood the screen to help cull the herd. The Pied Piper can summon a swarm of rats to help tear down an enemy, for example. All of the characters offer very distinct attacks and skills which can be suitable for every type of player out there. The Nightmare is no slouches, either. They come in the guise of club-holding golems, flying beasts, and ghostly phantasms. There will be plenty of battles since these enemies come in great numbers. Also, given the fact that these levels will be procedurally generated, there will be plenty of replay value within the realm of Ravenswatch.

Gifts of Greatness

Chances are that the difficulty of Ravenswatch will be on par with Curse of the Dead Gods. These games aren’t for the faint of heart and it takes some work to clear a stage. The art design of this game is dark, grim, and vivid with their interpretation of folklore. The framerate appears to run silky smooth and the combat is colorful regarding the carnage that is happening on screen. Up to four players can team up and wreak havoc. It can be confusing to see what is happening on screen. Nonetheless, the gameplay seems to be on point and it appears that the developers have learned their lesson with their previous title. Everything is more polished and also more accessible as opposed to Curse of the Dead Gods. It looks like Ravenswatch is reaching out for a more robust community of players and it’s going to be needed in order to give this game life.

There is still much to discover about Ravenswatch. Watching the new trailer pretty much shows the core aspects of what to expect. There will be four playable characters at launch. They will be Beowulf, Red Riding Hood, The Pied Piper, and the Snow Queen. It’s not known whether or not more characters or content will be drip-feeding into the game down the line. It’s a good bet that this could be the case and it is no secret that the stories of Mother Goose and others are rife with stories to choose from. Since Beowulf is part of the roster, perhaps other Nordic figures could be making an appearance. Thus, Greek heroes are also a possibility. In any case, there is a lot to look forward to with Ravenswatch, especially with all the fans out there with Curse of the Dead Gods.

Fairy Tale Frantics

Yes, Ravenswatch is another roguelike game but told from a different perspective. The top-down angle is something that is hard to come by with this generation. It’s almost an obsolete category. In any case, this new title has a lot of potential to go a long way for fans of roguelike games. Not to mention people who are allured with old fairy tales of yore. Ravenswatch is scheduled to drop sometime in 2023 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Hopefully, there will be a Beta soon so players can try this out and see what it’s all about.

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