League of Legends Champion Reveals Are Getting Insane

For those of you who don’t play League of Legends, the game has a roster of 115+ champions, and new ones are added every few weeks to the roster, as old ones are constantly balanced. Well, as Riot Games has gotten bigger and bigger with 30M+ monthly players, the way the debut new champions is getting increasingly elaborate. Before, you’d get some splash art and a few paragraphs of lore. Now? It’s turned into an entire production.

Case in point being League’s newest champion, which I believe comes out some time today. Her name is Jinx, and the best way I can describe her is a cross between the Joker and Tiny Tina from Borderlands. League champions usually do look to established pop culture creations for inspiration, so this is really no surprise.

What is a surprise is the above CGI/animated music video that was made to accompany her release. It’s the first time a champion has had an entire cinematic devoted to their release, and it’s an awesome debut for the gun-toting, explosive loving lady. Watch for yourself above, and even if you don’t play, it’s a cool little short.

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