10 Street Fighter in Real Life Vidoes


For whatever reason, real life martial arts fights are somehow not as cool as we all imagine them to be. It may be the lack of slow-motion, superhuman jumping or magic fireballs, but whatever the case, it’s clear that some people prefer that video game style fighting become the norm.

That’s where these videos come in. It’s 10 different sets of people who have decided to take in into their own hands to bring Street Fighter to life, with varying degrees of success. Observe:

Round One

Good effects on this one, definitely the most popular out of all these videos.

Ryu vs. Car


What the? Is he serious? Good Lord!

Stage Play

This is either at some gaming event or a talent show, not sure which, but it’s pretty well done.

Jackie Chan in Street Fighter

Yeah, this is cheating because it’s the movie, but it’s awesome and worth posting.

Kid vs. Branch


You’ve seen the video before, but it’s better with life bars.

Street Fighter: The Later Years

This is the first part of a video series CollegeHumor did a while back. It’s rather funny, but I felt they could have done more with it. Click through to watch the whole thing on YouTube.

Woodland Brawl


Needs to be zoomed in closer, but otherwise pretty good.

High School

This has really low ratings, but I actually thought it was pretty well done. I like the inclusion of actual Ryu.

Kid Battle


Very surprisingly good effects.

Brazil Cosplay 

No Blanka? He’s Brazilian!

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