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Genshin Impact players will need to make note of a new ore resource introduced in version 1.2’s update. Starsilver is a useful resource that you can use to make new weapons at the blacksmith. It can also be used for other benefits in the game. It’s a rare resource that doesn’t respawn quickly, but it’s one of the most worthy, which makes it more relevant for farming. If you’re not yet familiar with Starsilver, you can benefit from our mini-guide that points you in the right direction to find and farm Starsilver.

Why is Starsilver important?

It’s essential to understand why a resource is important so you don’t overlook it and be deficient when it would come in handy. Gamerant explains that Starshiver can be offered in exchange for rewards to the Frostbearing Tree. You’ll be called upon to find 50 Starsilver in the Festering Fang quest. That’s on top of its future use for crafting weapons. It’s an ore that is currently found in Dragonspine.

What you need to know about Starsilver ore

In Genshin Impact, Starsilver is a rare ore. It doesn’t respawn immediately so it can be hard to find unless you know where to look. Don’t overlook the valuable resource. Keep it in mind while you’re exploring regions on the map. Starsilver deposits can drop as many as three to four Starsilver each. Some nodes have larger concentrations than others. You will need to go equipped to farm the Starsilver. You can break the Starsilver ore deposit quickly with claymore, according to Genshin DB. While other weapons will work, they’re not as effective and they will take you much longer. If your character is Amber or Klee and uses explosives, they also do a good job of loosening the ore chunks.

Where to find Starsilver ore

You’ll have the best luck finding Starsilver ore quickly, by traveling around the edges of Dragonspine. Look for nodes of Starsilver ore on the top half edges of Dragonspine for the most concentrated ore deposits. There are fifty deposits of Starsilver ore. It’s best to establish your farming route to avoid spending too much time looking for the nodes that contain the ore deposits.

Best farming route for Starsilver ore

Spieltimes recommends making it easy on yourself and sticking to three easy to follow routes for farming Starsilver ore around Dragonspine. Here is an explanation of how to use each route to find the Starsilver ore.

Starglow Cavern

Starglow Cavern is a location where you can find some Starsilver nodes. They’re located southeast of the Starglow cavern in the peninsula area. Begin your travel by entering the southernmost waypoint in the Starglow Cavern area. Look for the nodes. When you find them, use your claymore because it will easily break the ore free. Once you’ve gathered them from this location, they won’t respawn for two to three days.

Snowy Road

Another route for farming Starsilver is on the Snowy road and southward. Be prepared to find between three to four groups of the Starsilver ore nodes. Begin your journey by traveling to the mountains of the Snow-Covered Path. Tavel on the Snowy Road and to the South to find the nodes.

Dragon’s Rest

You will find four to five chunks of Starsilver ore at Dragon’s Rest. The best Starsilver ore locations lie to the North and the West of the Wyrmrest Valley.

How much Starsilver ore will I need?

Starsilver ore will have a few uses, so you’ll want to go back after it respawns and collect as much as possible. Each of the weapons crafted at the blacksmith will cost 50 Starsilver. Crafting a Warming Bottle only takes 2 Starsilver. It’s to your advantage to have plenty of Starsilver on hand for when you could use a new rare weapon, trade it for rewards, or obtain the initial 50 to fulfill a quest requirement. You’re wise to keep track of your farming routes, how many nodes you’ve farmed, and the estimated respawn times to get on a schedule to replenish your supplies.

Which weapons can I make with Starsilver?

The two best weapons to make with Starsilver are the Snow-Tombed Starsilver claymore and the Dragonspine Spear. Starsilver is just one requirement. The Dragonspine Spear requires completing the FesteringFang quest to get the blueprint to make the spear. It’s best when used with characters of high elemental mastery. The Spear gives the character a 200 percent attack DMG for opponents affected by Cryo. You’ll need eight Festering Teeth to craft the weapon. The Snow-Tombed Starsilver will be a worthy weapon in the pending five-stary character Eula. It will cost 50 Starsilver ore plus 50 Crystal chunks to craft.

Final thoughts

Starsilver ore wasn’t a thing until the most recent update of Genshin Impact, version 1.2. Players aren’t accustomed to looking for the ore, but it’s going to become a more valuable resource in the current version, and possibly in future updates. It’s better to know where to look to avoid wasting your time exploring. Our guide to farming Starsilver ore is intended to point out the approximate locations with a few hints about how much you will find at each location, and the best ways to free the ore for fast farming. You’ll save a lot of time by choosing the three recommended farming routes for gathering the most ore with the least hassle. Just keep in mind that the only place to find Starsilver ore is in the Dragonspine area, and the most efficient routes are along the edge. Respawn time is between two to three days, so don’t waste your time going back until that amount of time has passed. We hope you find these tips and suggestions to be helpful.

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