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Red vs. Blue – Who Would Win?

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This was sent to me via Tumblr last night, and depicts a scene that separates a variety of gaming, comics and TV heroes into two battling color groups, Red vs. Blue.

Looking over the roster on each side, the question becomes…who would win? If these dozens of characters were really slammed together, who would come out ahead?

On red you’ve got powerhouses like M. Bison, Mr. Incredible and Colossus, but you also have some useless picks like Toad, Diddy Kong and the freaking Angry Bird bird. Blue, in my opinion, has the superior roster with Batman, Apocalypse, Mr. Freeze and Doctor Freaking Manhattan. They could win with just him alone as he’d disassemble everyone on the molecular level.

Also: Bud Light. The key to any victory.


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  1. As much as i like the red side because they have my favorites. when it came down to a fight blue unfortunately dominates. Only because 1 single warrior(possibly 2, ill explain in a bit) and his name is Vegeta and he has power far beyond any of the others. With his SS form he can wipe out planets like their not even there and his speed and strength are incomparable to any of the other characters. Now onto the number 2 he is also on the blue side and he is Merlin, The strongest wizard who ever lived, and he has the power to control space, time, and the fabric of reality so again he is immensely powerful and would decimate anything if he chooses it.

    So in conclusion red team wouldn’t stand a chance, it would be murder. . . just a terrible murder.

  2. @Jake – now what if goku turns SS5 does he go to the blue side ? and we all know if Dr. Manhattan showed up he’d be late because batman would have already finished it lol

  3. Goku is orange, not red. Therefore , the two impossibly strong people (Vegeta and Dr. Manhattan) are both on the blue side. Automatic victory. The red side has absolutely no answer for them, and they’d have trouble even dealing with the rest of the blue team.

  4. So, this is such an unfair contest it’s unbelievable. Darkseid, Vegeta, the Genie, Merlin, Batman, Mr Manhattan, Blastoise, Meta Knight, Falcon and Falco, the list goes on, but it’s like the creator decided to skew it to one side seeing as how much power blue side has.

  5. Orange is a shade of red, so I believe Goku should be on there as well, especially since some of those characters are orange (charizard).

    Batman would lose against many of those on the red side. One of their most powerful fighters on the red side would have to be the avatar (not #1 tho).

    I would have to vote the blue side as they have vegeta, genie (very powerful), and others. Now if they had Goku, it might be a tie.

  6. It looks like blue wins at first, but Dante has stopped world destroying power time and again, and Vegeta (while still a ss) always gets his butt kicked. ALWAYS.

  7. It looks like Red Skull has a cosmic cube, and Deadpool is always a total wild card, but it’s hard to imagine anything matching the combined power of Dr Manhattan and the Genie. When Apocalypse, Batman and the Avatar are your second-stringers, your team might be slightly overpowered. 😉

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