What Are the Best Legendary Class Mods in Borderlands 3?

Class mods have been useful throughout the Borderlands series. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that the latest installment is no exception to this rule. In fact, class mods are now more useful than ever because their effects will kick in even if the corresponding skills haven’t been purchased. Borderlands 3 items have five rarities, which are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The last are by far the best. First, Legendary class mods have five skill boosts, which should be compared to the one for Common class mods, the two for Uncommon class mods, the three for Rare class mods, and the five for Epic class mods. Second, Legendary class mods have three stat bonuses, which should be compared to the one for Common class mods, the one for Uncommon class mods, the one or two for Rare class mods, and the two for Epic class mods. On top of this, they have a special effect, thus making them even better than their more common counterparts. Here are some of the best Legendary class mods that can be found in Borderlands 3:


Antifreeze is a Legendary class mod for Zane that can be very hit or miss. If players prefer standing still as much as possible, they should avoid it in preference for something better-suited to their personal preferences. In contrast, if they enjoy moving all over the battlefield, Antifreeze could be the perfect choice for them. In short, its special bonus is that it increases Zane’s weapon damage by 40 percent and damage reduction by 20 percent so long as he is either airborne or sliding. Better still, Antifreeze lives up to its name by providing a 100 percent movement speed boost whenever Zane is slowed. In other words, if players are intent on moving about at fast speeds on a constant basis, this Legendary class mod can make them into an even deadlier combatant. Something that is particularly true because its skill bonuses are Supersonic Man, Violent Speed, and Violent Momentum. Unfortunately, getting Antifreeze will require interested individuals to grind the final boss of the Trial of Discipline.

Mind Sweeper

Mind Sweeper is a fun choice for Moze players who want more explosions. For starters, its skills are Fire in the Skag Den, Redistribution, and Torgue Cross-Promotion. However, what makes Mind Sweeper interesting is that every critical has a 25 percent chance to drop a mini-grenade. Of course, if interested individuals want to get the most value out of this Legendary class mod, they should pick up Pull the Holy Pin because that will enable them to score criticals from their grenades. Combined with Torque Cross-Promotion’s ability to increase the size of the explosions, that can make for some very amusing outcomes to say the least. Having said that, there is one potential issue, which is that interested individuals should keep themselves out of the blast zone lest they wind up splattering themselves over the surrounding landscape along with their enemies. Regardless, if Moze players want to get their hands on the Mind Sweeper, they are going to need to grind the Tink of Cunning from the Trial of Cunning.

Seein’ Dead

Seein’ Dead is a wonderful choice for players who make use of Zane’s Kill Skills. This is because every single hit gives a chance for him to activate all of his Kill Skills. On top of that, it even provides a 10 percent bonus, thus making its main effect even more brutal. Thanks to this, something like Salvation can make Zane ridiculously survivable. Similarly, something like Best Served Cold can turn the battlefield into a frozen hell for the enemies. Conveniently, Seein’ Dead can drop from any suitable loot source in the Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC, though Jackpot in the VIP Tower will provide interested individuals with the best chance of getting it.

Spiritual Driver

Generally speaking, the Borderlands series is famous for shooting. After all, it is one of the series that established the looter shooter genre. However, there are Borderlands characters that can be very effective in close quarters combat, as shown by Amara. For those who enjoy fighting up close and in person, there is the Spiritual Driver, which will let Amara apply her action skill element to herself when she uses her action skill. On top of that, it will provide a notable boost to her gun damage when she is moving, with bigger boosts coming from faster movement. Skill-wise, Spiritual Driver helps out Helping Hand(s), Mindfulness, and Clarity. Drop-wise, the Legendary class mod can be gotten from either Sylestro or Wotan the Invincible. Amusingly, Spiritual Driver is actually one of the best options for taking out the latter because of the huge arena in which to run around in.


Based on the name, it should come as no surprise to learn that St4ckbot is a Legendary class mod for FL4K. Skill-wise, its skill points will be put into Hunter’s Eye, The Fast and the Furryous, and Pack Tactics. Hunter’s Eye is favored over the other two skills in the sense that it can have 0 to 5 bonuses, whereas the others can have 0 to 3 bonuses. In any case, St4ckbot is a very powerful choice for players with excellent aim because they will gain a 5 percent boost to their weapon damage, which can stack again and again until they hit the cap of 495 percent. Of course, this is assuming that interested individuals can actually land those critical hits because they will lose their stacks as soon as they miss a shot. As for getting their hands on St4ckbot, players are going to want to grind in the Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC because the Legendary class mod can drop from any loot source in it. Still, named bosses make the best targets because they provide the highest chances for it to show up.

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