The 10 Most Attractive Aliens in Movies and TV

I’ve seen articles on the subject of sexy aliens so we’re doing nothing new here.  However I think that the articles I’ve seen were close to right but not quite.  We’ve taken a combination of sexy other-world-like creatures to come up with this top ten (though not ranked) list.

Perhaps we have different taste than other publications but I’m close to admitting this list is more factual than opinion.

Enjoy our picks below….

Anna in V

Anna is the “smartest” alien there is.  Why?  Because instead of having disgusting gross creatures take over the earth, send a hot chick and the earthlings will do whatever the hell you say.

Leeloo in The Fifth Element

As they say in the movie…perfect.

Caprica Six in Battlestar Galactica

Two words:  Tricia Helfer.  I mean you really can’t argue with that.

Serleena – Men in Black II

This is about the only time I will fully admit that Lara Flynn Boyle was hot.  I’m not sure what the appeal with her is but I can say that in Men in Black II she definitely had it going on.

Neytiri in Avatar

Admit it.  Despite the fact that she’s like 12 feet tall and has a tail she’s in great shape, kind of pretty and I’m sure their mating ritual absolutely kicks ass.

Ursa in Superman II

Many might argue that she was a little butch but come on.  There’s just something super sexy about a girl who has the powers of Superman.  Also one that flies Lex Luther all the way to the North Pole not to mention the arm wrestling contest.

Gaila in Star Trek

She may be green but she’s got one hell of a body.  Plus she was Captain Kirk’s booty call.  Can’t argue with that.

T’Pol in Star Trek Enterprise

Insert T Pain jokes here.  Seriously though, is that not the hottest Vulcan you’ve ever seen?

Princess Aura in Flash Gordon

If there’s one thing to take out of a horrible 80s B movie it’s the sexy alien princess who appears in an article more than 30 years later about hot aliens in movies and TV.

Sil in Species

Clearly Natasha Henstridge is number 1.  I haven’t ranked this list but she’s definitely number one.

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  1. I can argue with Tricia Helfer. Not even the hottest on the show. Seven of Nine is human and therefore not technically applicable to this list.

  2. Jolene Blalock=over rated. Tricia Helfer=over rated. And Lara Flynn Boyle looked just as disturbingly anorexic in MIB II as she did on The Practice.

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