10 Forrest Gump Mashups For No Reason At All


Oh I don’t know.  Could it be that Forrest Gump has been on HBO 1700 times this year that I eventually had to do some kind of article on the movie?  I swear to God, I love the movie Forrest Gump but if I have to scroll through the channels only to see one more damned scene it’s going to ruin me.

And while I still think it’s a good movie, I also realize how much spoof potential it had.  It’s too bad it didn’t come out recently because I would imagine the trailer spoof genre would have been much better.

But since we’re working with what we’ve got, here are 10 pretty Solid Gump Trailer mashups.



Kermit Gump



30s Horror Movie Style



Gump Royale

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