Alien and Predator as Roommates

It’s one thing to be pitted in eternal mortal combat with your sworn enemy, but being forced to share a house with a him? That’s a whole other story.

I’m not sure if this GIF is from a larger series documenting Alien and Predator as roommates, but I know I’d sure as hell watch it over the vast majority of crap that’s on TV these days. NBC should give this a half hour slot after 30 Rock this winter.

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  1. It’s from a series of adverts promoting the AVP game released a few years ago.

    There was an online comic book strip called “Alien loves Predator” that was aboot them sharing an apartment. It was quite random, especially as both of the spoke English. It was done using photos of action figures. The early ones are quite funny. Later on the creator stopped posting on a regular basis due to family commitments. When he came back, it was not the same.

    The best part where the speed dating strips. Worth googling

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