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The Phenomenal Video Game Art of Patrick Brown

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I always love discovering a great new artist online, and Patrick Brown is the man of the hour today. The comic book artist has an incredibly clean style and apparently all the same favorite video games as I do. He can go realistic, or sometimes even border on caricature, but all his pieces are amazing.

There’s a giant gallery of his best work below, and though the title says video games, there are a few famous films and shows thrown in there as well. Check them all out for yourself. What should he get to next? I’m going to go with some cool Portal art.

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  1. The use of “phenomenal” is debatable here, “cool” sure, but definitely not “phenomenal”.

    They’re good for comic art, but it’s obviously just pandering to guys’ need for badassery. When I think of “phenomenal” I think of that gallery you posted not too long back with all those stunning images from various video games like Fallout, Mass Effect, and others, or the Bioshock posters.

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