15 Secret Scenes After the Credits Rolled


There’s a fairly recent trend that has started this past decade which involves staying in the theater until all the credits are over in order to see some sort of secret bonus scene. No matter how insignificant the scene is, die hard viewers will consistently stay until they end, even if the scene is a two second clip of Neil Patrick Harris swearing. Yes that is one of them.

Most of you probably only had the patience to stick it out for a couple of these, so here are 15 scenes from popular movies you probably have never seen before. Special thanks to YouTube user AftertheCredits for doing the legwork on most of these.

1) Transformers


This was just in case you couldn’t figure out they we’re going to make a sequel.I would have much rather had Bumblebee looking very uncomfortable as Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox were having sex inside him. I always wondered about that.

2) Iron Man


God, why did it have to be Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury? Why not Ethan Hawke or Tom Jane or anyone I could take seriously in that role? The Avengers movie will suck, but it will suck more if Jackson is actually in it. This scene was lifted directly from Jumper by the way.

3) Dodgeball


This is pretty @#$%ing hysterical. What’s even better is the reason for the rant, which is that the movie’s writers wanted the film to end with the Average Joes losing the final showdown, and the screen immediately flipping to black before anyone could figure out what just happened. Test audiences were not amused.

4) American Gangster


Yeah uh, usually epic Oscar bait movies don’t have secret scenes, but this is just more like a bookend. It has nothing to do with anything, but it’s probably the coolest one on the list in terms of pure style points.

5) Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay


Any scene in anything with NPH would be worth waiting after the credits for, even if it’s just him saying “Mother@#$%er.”

6) Max Payne


Yeah this scene is pretty useless, and I can say that even without seeing the movie. It’s supposed to open the door for a sequel (which will not happen), but it’s pretty much just Marky Mark and Mila Kunis looking pissed off about some newspaper headline.

7) Hancock


This was actually during the credits so you may have seen it. I just like that he calls him “Handjob.”

8 ) X-Men: The Last Stand

All the high quality versions of this one were in Spanish for unknown reasons. Can anyone tell me what the hell Charles says in this scene? I watched it about eight times and I still have no idea. And how exactly do you survive being psychically disintegrated into ash?

9) X-Files: I Want to Believe


What? This is from the X-Files movie and not Fool’s Gold or something? Am I missing something here? I was expecting the Loch Ness monster to appear underneath the boat.

10 – 12) Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates series decided to do this in every movie, but really, none of these are too necessary.

Curse of the Black Pearl


Monkey gets coin. Monkey is immortal. Yay!

Dead Man’s Chest


Dog is king. Savages are dumb. Yay!

At World’s End


Keira Knightley has kid. Orlando Bloom comes home. Yay! Actually since they’re making a fourth one (for whatever reason), this might actually be important.

13) Constantine


Honestly, this is my favorite one of the whole bunch. It’s actually a nice little Easter egg after a movie that I absolutely can’t stand.

14) Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny


What else were you expecting here?

15) Cloverfield

This isn’t actually video, and the audio recording actually played backwards when it ran in the theater. That means someone had to record it, flip it and post it on the internet in order to hear the words “It’s still alive.” Damn you J.J. Abrams!

All in all I’ve decided I’m pretty opposed to this practice. These are cool to see in YouTube format, but I’d say one a handful would be worth staying through the credits for.

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  1. Xavier says “Hello, Moira.” He didn’t survive in a physical sense – he transferred his consciousness at the last minute in to the body of the man he’d used as an example in class much earlier in the movie, who was born without sentience or some such; Moira is the vegetable’s doctor (and the Professor’s friend).

    I’m not *defending* this, mind you, just explaining it. (I also don’t remember why I know this, but I recall getting it right away so I assume there’s another scene somewhere in the movie setting it up more thoroughly that I have since completely forgotten.)

  2. The X-Men one was pretty much a given, cutting to the man in the hospital bed at the end put it all into place.

    I can see why people didnt like the Dodgeball one, it seems the Stiller type actors can’t do anything these days without incorporating boob or fart jokes.

  3. I usually hate when they do this as well. For example, the Iron Man one should just’ve been in the movie, it’s a huge deal, and when you’ve paid for your ticket scenes like that shouldn’t be “hidden” from you.

  4. Hi! With the x-men clip Charles Xavier says “Hello Moira”,

    I got this info explaining the scene off wikipedia- “She appears on a video talking about mutant ethics and what is considered right and wrong, such as whether it would be right to transfer the mind of a dying father of four into the body of a man born with no higher brain functions. She is subsequently seated next to Beast at the memorial service. After the film’s ending credits, she appears again for a brief scene, where it appears that Xavier has transferred his mind into the body of the patient, following his physical body being disintegrated by the Phoenix persona that inhabits Jean Grey. In the director’s commentary for the movie’s DVD, it is revealed that this patient is, in fact, the identical twin of Charles Xavier, whose mind had been destroyed before birth by the power of Charles’ mutation. Thus it is that Charles’ voice is used and Moira instantly recognizes him.” 🙂


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