A Selection of Choice Charlie Sheen Movie Posters

Are we beating this thing with a dead horse at this point?  You’re damned right we are.   However it’s tough to say that Mr. Sheen hasn’t brought all of this upon himself.   Plus I seriously doubt this guy cares even an inkling about what anyone is saying about him.   He’s still getting laid with a vengeance and he’s still rich.

Now, as far as him being a psycho who needs some help?  Clearly that’s another topic and something Charlie should seriously look at.  Then again, hasn’t he been down that road before?

Eh, what’s the use?  At least we have these amazingly funny Charlie Sheen photoshopped posters for you!

We’d like to thank the forum members at Something Awful for submitting these.

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  1. Guys, you need more writers! Despite the fact that currently 2 guys write for this site, I keep feeling like I am reading Paul’s diary, or smth. This has to be more diverse, less what Paul thinks it’s interesting, or funny, or whatever, everything is just too subjective around here!!!

    This site used to be so fun, now I barely notice when weeks pass without checking it! I used to read it every single day!!!!

    *cries in a corner*

  2. @Noemi

    I take reader feedback like this to heart, even if it bums me out.

    I didn’t write the post you’re commenting on, but I’ll still take your point. Can you articulate how things have actually changed? I write maybe one or two more posts than I used to, but I don’t think the actual content has shifted all that much. What are the kinds of posts you like to see or not see the most?

  3. Well, I don’t think it’s your style that’s wrong, because I genuinely like it. I just think it’s a bit too much of it. And it’s all very personal, which is normal since this isn’t science, but it appears to be all about your preferences.

    I think the issue is not you, or what you write (I must say again that I do like to read your posts) or even how you write it, it’s just the fact that you guys need more writers.

    You know, for diversity.

    Or maybe… it’s not you, it’s me!!! (I never get to say that in real life…)

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