A Gallery of Fantastic Comic Art from Matt Rhodes

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Usually I’ll only feature an artist if their work has something directly to do with properties we know, be the TV, movie or otherwise. But even though Matt Rhodes does have a lot of artwork from things we know, Disney, Mass Effect, Skyrim and so on, he also has a lot of his own creations. I was so fascinated by his art style, I wanted to show all his best work, regardless of what inspired it.

His style makes it seem like he should easily have his own comic or animated series, and for all I know he might, I don’t know that much about him. But I do know that his work is excellent, and it’s definitely worth your taking a look at in the gallery below:

More Mass Effect and others on the next page.

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  1. If that one picture is Sauron forging the ring in Mount Doom without his helmet on than that’s pretty freaking awesome. These are all good anyways, but if that one is what I’m thinking it is then it = winner.

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