20 Awesome Movie Posters of 2010

Given that the Oscars went down last month (and I refuse to get into it because I’d rather us discuss movies and not the academy) I have in fact been thinking about movies of last year lately.   I’m not really sure what I’ve been thinking about per say but when I got a gander at some movie posters I at least appreciated the artistic creativity of marketing campaigns.

As such I decided to share 20 of my favorites from the many posters I did in fact see.

Check out the pics below….

Thanks to Listal for these

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  1. Ive always wondered why Hailee Steinfeld cant be seen anywhere (clearly) on any True Grit Posters. She is a very important character, if not the lead.

  2. @Faz
    Because the point of the poster is to make people want to see the movie. Previously unknown actresses aren’t a big draw.

    I thought the 127 Hours poster would be in here.

  3. @don That was the whole idea. It’s influenced by it in more than the poster, watch it and you’ll see.

    The posters are good, I’m not very happy with some, though. The Fighter was an awesome movie, but the poster? “Meh” is putting it mildly, same goes for The American.
    Not that they’re particularly bad, but they’re not good, either.

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