Check Out This Comic Book Movie Villains Mashup

We have seen a number of blockbuster hits when it comes to the super hero movie franchises that have grown in popularity over the course of recent years. With many famed characters, and influences that we often look up to (especially when they are depicted in real form), and this can even include some of the nuances that we see in the more evil and villainous characters. There is something about a villain that seems to reach out to some people, and not necessarily in a dark and twisted way. In many cases, there is something deeper, and more underlying than what meets the eye initially that is so relatable, and it can make them fantastic characters all the same. For those that love the villainous characters that we are introduced to, you’re in luck. There has been released a comic book movie that depicts a villainous mashup among the characters, and plays into everything that you have ever dreamed. You can see the mashup short film for yourself here:

Although the two minutes film just depicts some of the best of the best when it comes to clips of villains form their blockbuster movies, it still makes fans that watch it feel entertained and ready to have a super hero movie marathon over the weekend. The best part of this ‘short film’, if you will, is that it draws clips from literally all of the super hero films and projects that have ever been created throughout the entertainment history, drawing back from the days of Christopher Reeves playing Superman, and even Jack Nicholson depicting the sinister character of the Joker. There is nothing like kicking back and watching those vintage clips of villains and of acting that has stood the test of time all of these years.

Like we said before, there is something deep within that allows us to relate to the villainous characters that we see in these comic book and super hero films that have been released throughout the years. It is something that maybe we can’t grasp ourselves, that we are getting to see what it could be like if we let our guards down, and let our bad side out, in the end knowing that good would prevail no matter what. Either way, these characters allow us to see a playful side, a terrible side, and even a saddened and sarcastic side of someone in a way that we could never depict for ourselves. For those that want the nitty gritty details of the mini film itself, the song that is played along with the clips of the villains is that of ‘Saints of the Sinners’, by The Faim. This has been our closer look at the Comic Book Movie Villains Mashup mini video that has recently been released for fans everywhere. If you would like to watch it over and over again, or if you would like to find similar videos like this to watch, you can find plenty of them on YouTube.

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