Geek Wisdom of the Week

 By: Victor “Fiefo!” de la Cruz


Cult classic films always spawn the most memorable lines that stick in your mind. They are remembered usually because of two reasons. One, they strike a chord within us that makes us remember them. Two, the line is repeated over and over again so that it becomes stuck in our heads.

This week’s Geek Wisdom is remembered for both of the above reasons.

The Quote: “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

The story behind the quote: The Princess Bride tells the story of Wesltey and his quest to rescue his true love, Buttercup, from the hands of Prince Humperdinck. However, the quote for this week doesn’t come from the hero of the tale. Rather, it is delivered by the wizard swordsman (which is a rank higher than just plain ol’ master), Inigo Montoya.

Inigo Montoya has trained himself to be the best swordsman of all time for one purpose; for him to get revenge on the man that killed his father, the six-fingered man, Count Tyrone Rugen. Eventually, he does managed to find Rugen and puts all his training to use. Even with his extensive injuries he suffers early in the battle, he refocuses by repeating the quote over and over, reminding himself why he trained to be the best swordsman in the land.

The Geek Wisdom we can take from it: There is something to be said about having a goal in life. It can be something like trying to avenge your father’s death or even seeing your children live a happy life. Whatever it may be, it should be something that will drive you and something you can focus your energy on. Having a goal will help you plot out your life and make sure that you can focus your energy on something that you deem important to yourself.

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  1. I feel like an idiot.
    I always liked this movie and this character.
    And I always loved Criminal Minds and Jason Gideon.
    I just clued in they’re the same actor.

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