Where to Find Glass in Breathedge

Glass in Breathedge

Breathedge is a survival game. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that it has a strong emphasis on collecting resources from the surroundings, using those resources to create new tools, and then using those new tools to overcome challenges. However, Breathedge stands out because it has a space setting, which introduces a lot of complications. After all, space isn’t exactly the most hospitable of environments for humans. Thanks to that, even simple tasks can become very challenging under certain circumstances. To name an example, consider the collecting of glass in this game.

Where Can You Find Glass in Breathedge?

In another survival game, interested individuals might be able to get glass through much the same methods that our distant ancestors did. For example, they might be able to collect obsidian, which is a kind of natural glass formed through the rapid cooling of viscous lava. Alternatively, they might be able to heat up sand and other materials to make some glass of their own, which is a serious challenge but nonetheless something that started happening in prehistoric times. Unsurprisingly, the latter option isn’t available in Breathedge. After all, being out in space means lacking convenient access to the resources that can be found on Earth and similar planets. Instead, interested individuals need to do something similar to the first method. There might be no natural glass in their surroundings. However, the circumstances at the start of the game means that there are gobs of glass that can be found floating about.

Of course, the problem is that those gobs of glass are floating about in space. Said environment isn’t the best for humans even under the best of circumstances. Unsurprisingly, Breathedge is very far from being that. As such, interested individuals shouldn’t just start making their way towards the place where glass can be found right away. Instead, they should spend some time preparing themselves for the journey. At a minimum, this means that interested individuals should make a grabber, some oxygen candles, and some alcohol. A grabber is necessary because the gobs of glass are sharp, meaning that the player-character is going to hurt himself if he tries to grab them using his own hands. Meanwhile, the oxygen candles will be needed to keep him breathing while the alcohol will be needed to keep him from freezing. That isn’t how alcohol works in relation to cold temperatures, but games being games, interested individuals should remember to use it whenever their screen starts freezing up, though they should be warned that will blur their vision for a time. Beyond this, if interested individuals are feeling cautious, they might want to make some extra preparations. For example, upgrading their oxygen capacity is always a good idea. It won’t be enough to see them through to the glass on its own. Even so, it can provide them with extra time to work with, thus reducing the chances of them running into trouble because they are out of air. Similarly, they might want to put down some oxygen stations while they are on their way, which should make any further resource-gathering out in space that much safer for them.

In any case, once interested individuals are ready, it is time to make for the glass. As soon as they head out of their ship, they should turn right to look for a huge collection of debris that is glowing blue. If they want glass, they are going to make their way deep into that collection of debris. Fortunately, interested individuals will know that they have arrived when their AI starts commenting about the dead rescue shuttles in the area. As for what glass looks like, well, it comes in small orbs that are green rather than blue. This is notable because it resembles ice, with the color being one of the most striking differences between the two. Naturally, glass can be used to make things in Breathedge. In particular, interested individuals should know that it can be used to make a helmet. Something that when combined with the enhanced spacesuit, should enable them to make their way to the next part of the game.

Save a Lot

Breathedge has an autosave system. Unfortunately, it only kicks in when a player enters a station. As a result, interested individuals should manually save their game on a regular basis. Survival games being survival games, there are many ways for the player-character to die. Under those circumstances, manual saves are the easiest way to prevent the loss of progress because of a small error.

Bring Spares of Essential Tools

Bringing extra supplies is always a good idea in survival games. However, bringing spares of essential tools can be important in Breathedge as well. This is because tools degrade through their use in this game, meaning that if interested individuals aren’t careful, they are going to be caught without something critical at a very inopportune moment. If the player is heading out for a long expedition, bringing spares of essential tools can be a very practical choice.

Keep Your Inventory Space in Mind

In a lot of games, it is a good idea to collect everything. After all, if the player has huge stockpiles of every single resource, they won’t need to head out to gather resources as much. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible in Breathedge for the simple reason that inventory space is limited. They want to make sure that every trip is as productive as possible for them. However, they need to be careful about loading up on any particular resource in case that hinders them from collecting what actually matters to them at the moment. In this as in other things, proper prioritization can do a lot to help interested individuals get their tasks done in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

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