The 10 Biggest Surprises in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 has already dropped, and they packed it with several new Easter eggs that link it to some of the previous games in the series. Some surprises are big. You may have already experienced some of the nostalgic references if you’ve been playing the entire series. Players have already identified dozens of them with some cool new features to make the game a little different and change things up. We chose the ten biggest surprises to give you a preview of what to expect in the latest installment of the game.

10. Vaas Montenegro returns

According to Eurogamer, one of the biggest surprises in Far Cry 6 is the return of Vaas Montenegro. Some of you might wonder how this is possible. They killed him in Far Cry 3 but game developers built an alternate universe, leaving an opportunity to bring Vaas back. He was a fan favorite with the voiceover supplied by Michael Mando. He is one of many characters from the past that you’ll find in the season pass. His definition of insanity is the same thing repeating, and reviewers confirm that insanity has not changed. The most recent iteration of the game has set Vaas up for making a return to the game. When you hear them talking about the “smuggler” early in the game, keep your eyes and ears peeled because they will reveal the mysterious smuggler as Vaas.

9. Animals are going to give you more capabilities

Giant Freakin Robot contributors are quick to point out some of the cool new features they discovered on installment 6 of Far Cry. One of the more useful new features that were a surprise happens early into the game. In just minutes after you start the game, you will run into a crocodile that has a shirt on. You can make friends with the croc and become best buddies. He goes with you everywhere in the game. Pet the crocodile and treat him right. He will eat people on your command. Players see this addition as one of the best features of the game.

8. The new Rooster mini-game will give you hours of gameplay

Game Rant points out that there is a mini-game in Far Cry 6 inspired by Mortal Kombat. It’s a full mini-game, a full tutorial. It features rooster fights. Players find and collect various roosters that have some surprising capabilities. It is a controversial feature that PETA denounces. They petitioned to have it removed from the game, but the developers kept it and run with it. The mini-game is exceptionally well done. It offers a slew of different attack types with Gallo Supers.

7. They feature the Triada Blessings quest

A quest that follows along with lines of something you would find in an “Indiana Jones” or “Tom Raider” film emerges in the new installation of Far Cry. If you were a fan of these action and adventure films, then you’ll feel right a home with this new quest. To complete the quest, you will conduct a series of three treasure hunts. They take you throughout the three regions of Yara, returning you to the Oluwa Blessings at the starting point. Completion of the quest has definite rewards. Dani receives the coveted Oluso, which is a panther amigo that will help tremendously throughout the other parts of the game. You also get a bonus that you can’t buy from Juan by completing this quest. It’s a stealthy Supremo that you can only get from completing this quest, so it’s good to keep this in mind as you kick off your journey through the new map of Far Cry 6.

6. Enjoy Vehicle PickUp Points

Another fresh surprise that you’ll find in the Far Cry 6 installation is the vehicle pickup point feature. It’s going to make the game a lot easier because when you find a new vehicle in the game, now you can use the save option, to make it possible to call on the vehicle whenever you need it by simply driving to the pickup point. This might not seem like a prominent feature because you have to drive to the pickup point, but there’s more. You won’t hear about this option in the tutorial, so listen up. All you need to do is scan a vehicle with Dani’s phone and you can opt to preserve the vehicle wherever you find it. This eliminates the need for you to drive to the pickup point. It’s an option unlocked when you scan the vehicles with Dani’s phone. It’s one of the best features of the game that most people won’t even realize is available.

5. Boomer is back from Far Cry 5

Another player favorite is back from Far Cry 5. Boomer is back as an Amigo you can unlock. He is useful for helping you with your recon tasks. Boomer stages any enemies lurking near you automatically. He can also fetch weapons that were dropped during combat. They’ve changed his name for the latest installation. In Yara, he is called Boom Boom. To unlock Boomer, or Boom Boom as an Amigo you will be required to complete a side quest called Boom or Bust. It’s activated in the Camp Maximas guerilla camp.

4. They doubled the map in size

The map in Far Cry 6 is twice as large as the map in the previous installment of the game. The map covers thirty-four square miles. It’s the largest map designed for the Far Cry series. It’s an open-world map that includes oceanic areas along with islands that are outside the landmass. This is one of the biggest surprises for Far Cry 6 as it doubles the amount of exploration space. The map features the starter island of Isla Santuario and it includes fourteen map regions in an open-space format. The developers of the game are proud of the new features that will give players over thirty hours of gameplay with new challenges and adventures along the way. While this is one of the best surprises for the most recent installment, there is even more that players are just beginning to discover. We found two more surprises that we deem worthy of inclusion in our list of the ten best Far Cry 6 surprises.

3. They unlocked the entire map from the beginning of the game

Another new feature that we think is amazing is that they unlocked the entire map from the very beginning of the game. It allows you to make a visual scan to map out some of the new cool and exciting places you can explore. You have the option of autosave, which makes it easy to save your game progress, but there is a change from Far Cry 5 that you need to be aware of. You will no longer be able to manually save the game. Whenever you fast travel to a location or complete a mission, the game simply autosaves, but you have to accomplish one of these feats for the game to automatically save your progress. There is one more surprise that you will need to know before you start. To open up fast travel points, you must visit them first. These are a few of the new features of the game that you need to be aware of before you start. Sometimes it’s better to not be surprised, especially when the saving features and options of the game have changed. Now that you know you can be better prepared for how the game will react when you’re gaming hard.

2. Far Cry 6 Contains an Assassin’s Creed Easter Egg

The developers of Ubisoft games take pride in delivering some of the coolest and most memorable Easter eggs from other titles. This is no exception for Far Cry 6 as they built in several of the Easter Eggs with one of the most notable from the Assassin’s Creed franchise. You will find it in The Prada Meadows Tower. Players who are devoted fans of Assassin’s Creed will be especially impressed with this one. Instead of finding it out for yourself, you can be on the lookout for this recreation of the magic of Assassin’s Creed. You will discover this hidden treasure by making your journey to the Prado Meadows tower and heading toward the top. Prado Meadows is located in Vencejo. When you get to the top of the tower, turn around and book down the blue plank. You will hear the eagle screech, which is an audio cue that takes you back to the required leap of faith that you took in the Assassin’s Creed gameplay. This is one that you probably won’t want Dani to make because it’s one that Dani will probably not survive. This is one of those cool nostalgic moments that doesn’t require you to take action. Just enjoy the reference, but don’t take the leap of faith, or Dani will plunge to the ground and die. It’s more of a reference and not intended to be an actionable item that adds a new feature to the game. Sometimes you gotta take these Easter eggs for what they are and not invest any time in them. It’s intended to rekindle a few old feelings and memories, but we’re still talking about a different game here.

1. There are a few nasty surprises as well as pleasant ones

One of the biggest surprises we found in ar Cry 6 is the huge map. Using the feature that allows you to fly around the map in a large helicopter seems like the perfect way to explore the map quickly, but it’s a bit deceptive until you get into the heart of the game. You will very quickly discover that in Yara, the rules are a bit different. You will soon learn that Yara is littered with multiple “no-fly” zones. This means that you’re not going to be able to fly through every part of eh Yara region because of the built-in features that prevent you from speedrunning throughout the entire map. This was a brilliant move on the part of the game developers because it extends the life of the game and makes you take on more challenging tasks to explore the entire map. Maybe it’s not a “nasty” surprise, but it can certainly be disappointing if you count on speedrunning the entire map then discover you can’t. When you think about it, there are some big military bases in the Yara Islands and it wouldn’t make sense to allow players to fly over the bases. What would be the fun in that? The no-fly zones are strictly enforced, and if you breach restricted air space your craft is going to be taken down swiftly, so it’s not the best plan of action. You’ll also notice that in Far Cry 6, you will still have the option of wing-suits and we can equip them when you journey through non-threatening locations.

Final thoughts

The new installment of Far Cry 6 offers some great surprises for players. Avid games will continue to unearth new Easter eggs throughout gameplay. It hasn’t been out for that long and there is still plenty to discover about the game. We pointed out just ten of the very best surprises identified in the game so far. We expected some of them, but others took us off guard. There are probably a lot more of them that have not yet been discovered. The hidden surprises make the game more fun and challenging. What do you think you might find through your journey? Be sure to share any extra surprises with the rest of the Far Cry 6 players’ communities.

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