Study Claims Xbox Players Are Better Gamers Than PS4 or PC Players

The long lost battle between the two consoles Xbox One and PS4 is known to everyone and while PC players exclude themselves from such competition a recent study has highlighted few points that seem to change the perception for these three platforms. Recently Activision and the tech giant LG partnered up in a collective study to determine who among PC, PS4 or Xbox users are better gamers. Astonishing as it may seem, Xbox players have taken an edge over other two platforms in this case.

Based on the results of the study, Xbox players are better at video games compared to PS4 players and PC gamers. LG conducted the study using its Elite Reaction Test, where the users click on certain targets. Using the reaction time and response rate they were able to determine the accuracy rate. Xbox players were able to hit about 78% of the targets while PS4 players about 74% and PC players with the lowest 70%.

However, in terms of reaction time, PC players were able to react faster to the targets compared to other gaming platforms. There were over 1,400 people who participated in this test. So one can deduce that the sample number although low was still enough to determine this result.

Having said that if we exclude PC, the battle between the Xbox console and PlayStation console is something that has been at play for generations in all of their version. Now with this statistical fact put into the equation, the competition has now been fueled even more.

With next-generation PlayStation aka PS5 and future Xbox aka Xbox Scarlett in the works, these facts definitely have spiced up the future competition and perhaps for the better.

Be that as it may, if you are a PC, PlayStation or Xbox player, you do not have to entirely consider this study as an accurate one since it definitely has few elements of flaws present in it. Not to mention the accuracy and response time cannot determine who is a better gamer. There are hundred different factors which contribute to determining a better gamer. Those factors have been seemingly kept constant so, take this study with a grain of salt.

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