Five Memorable and Ridiculous Cheats from the Grand Theft Auto Series


With Grand Theft Auto V close to release, I fondly remember the memories I had playing the past games in the series. I’m sure a lot of players remember fooling around Vice City, San Andreas, or Liberty City when they’re not in the mood to do the main mission. I’ve played the series on the PlayStation consoles since I’ve started the series with Grand Theft Auto III. So, part of my memories include reading cheats on GameFAQs and pressing R1,R2,L1,R2, and so on. I would mainly use these ridiculous cheats just because it was loads of fun to use.  Who wouldn’t want to see people in mass chaos? See a tank fall out of the sky? Or even witness the whole population dressed as ninjas? I missed this ridiculousness when I played Grand Theft Auto IV. I know that it’s possible with mods, but if you’re playing on the console, there’s not much cheats to mess around with. I’m not sure if the fifth game will let console players have these fun cheats again. Hopefully, they will. Imagine if they add that on top of the awesome features they showcased in their gameplay video? I don’t think I can maintain my GPA if that’s the case.

Read on to find out my choice for the five most memorable cheats in the Grand Theft Auto series. Let me know in the comments what your favorites are.

1. Pedestrians Attack/Riot Cheat


I’ve had lots of fun with this cheat even if that meant pedestrians would randomly attack me. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve seen this cheat from III to San Andreas. There’s also a cheat called “Pedestrians have weapons” and if you combine it with this cheat, it’ll be double the chaos.

2. Flying Car Cheat


Have you ever had those moments where you’re too lazy to find a plane? Plus, you just wanted to get to your destination on time. This happened to me several times. What’s my solution? Flying cars. This has got to be one of my overused cheats of all time.

3.  Pump up the Gore Cheat


Would you like Grand Theft Auto to look like a Quentin Tarantino film? This cheat will do the trick for you. Watch the video I posted. It’s quite hilarious especially with the soundtrack from the film Saw playing in the background.

4. Tank Cheat


Everybody uses the Tank cheat. I think that the best part about this was the fact that anything the tank bumped would explode. You were practically invincible if you were inside the tank. I think the only time my fun rampage ended was when a cop pulled me out or I just decided to throw in the towel. You can get a tank without manipulating the game, but it’s so much easier to simply put in the code.

5.  Super Punch Cheat


The cheat says it all. Who wouldn’t want to punch someone just to see them fly away?

In the end, I’m tempted to get Grand Theft Auto V for the PC for all the crazy and fun mods I’ve seen. It’s just that I’m so used to playing it on the PlayStation, but that can change.  For everyone else who are console players, here are just some of the mods that entice me to play it on the PC.

Hulk Mode


Iron Man/ War Machine Mode


Zombie Mode


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  1. Stuff like this is why I never got very far into the stories of GTAIII and Vice City. I’d never make it to the missions because I’d always end up putting in a cheat or finding some other excuse to go tear shit up and get myself killed.

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