10 Videos of Absurd Game Glitches


A long time ago, I posted this gallery of 20 screenshots of in-game glitches, but recently, I figured that it’s sometimes better to see these things in motion, which is why I’ve assembled this brand new list of video game glitches in action.

They range from the new (Dragon Age I believe is the most recent) to the classic (from Goldeneye all the way back to the original Super Mario Bros.) and it just goes to show you, that just because tech is getting exponentially better, that doesn’t mean glitches are going anywhere.

Check them out after the jump:

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl – The Black Hole


How the hell do you even discover a glitch like this?

2. Oblivion – 10,000 Watermelons

The Fan deserved 10,000 anvils dropped on him, but whatever.

3. Mario Kart – Wario Stadium


I could always only do 2 out of 3 laps like this.

4. Grand Theft Auto IV – The Swing of Death

Going to go try this immediately.

5. Goldeneye – Get Down


Caused my moving the cartridge slightly during play.

6. Dragon Age – The Exorcist

I’ve featured this before, but it’s worth another look.

7. Team Fortress 2 – The Crab Spy

Valve knows about this, but left it in because it’s funny.

8. Grand Theft Auto III – The Dodo Tank


This never worked for me!

9. Super Mario Bros. – World -1

The level never ends…

10. Assassin’s Creed – Glory Hole


Uh, wat?

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  1. @ Korintian: If you play on the PC, TF2 is very, very popular. Valve has released tons of updates. I don’t know about the 360.

    To do that GTA glitch, you had to enter the “Cars Fly” cheat, and then simply point the barrel backwards and start firing. You could get any vehicle to fly with a bit of speed.

  2. These are all pretty awesome. Dragon Age one is classic. On the PC version of GTAIII there was a text file that kept all of the cars stats so you could change any to whatever you want. Sounds like the cars fly cheat in that video like Mac pointed out but nothing beats changing all shitty sedans in the game to having the same speed and weight of a train.

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