Luna Abyss is a New Story-Driven FPS Involving Cosmic Horror

Luna Abyss is a new adventure game from the first-person perspective being developed by Bonsia Collective. Players will be put in the boots of an explorer who is uncovering the mystery of an abandoned colony on a moon. Naturally, something ominous is afoot and players will need to blast their way through corridors, rooms, laboratories, and facilities to get to the bottom of the situation. Ultimately, the protagonist has been tasked to retrieve ancient technology hidden deep within the bowels of the fallen city of Greymont. The wailings of “The Collective” is still heard in the distance. Dropping hints of its hidden history. Demonic beings known as “The Scourge” prowl the complex, hungry for anything that comes their way. Many strange happenings are occurring on this moon and a dark, forbidding journey lays ahead for gamers. Much like the original installments of DOOM, this game is all about conserving ammunition and staying in one piece.

Fortunately, players won’t be alone. There will be an A.I. unit named Aylin who will be watching every step players make. Looming around at all times, players will need to deal with this entity as they make way through this alien fortress with taunting and clues, that abound. Even though Luna Abyss looks like a traditional FPS at first glance, it will play very differently. It’s more of an action-adventure game as opposed to a first-person shooter. There is more exploration and platforming involved. Needless to say, shooting is very much a factor in this game. Twisted enemies will be coming from all corners and blasting the way to victory will be the core of this game. However, it is not without its surprises. This game is still in early development and many things are subject to change. However, the setting this game has is enticing enough to look further into it.

Lunar Lunacy

Details are scarce, but the trailer dives in pretty deep on how this game will look and feel. From the looks of things, the platforming appears to be floaty and smooth. Similar to Titanfall 2. Jumping from place to place will be organically intertwined with the combat. FPS games and platforming are notoriously strange bedfellows. They are not exactly the best mix, in terms of mechanics. However, within the past two generations, developers have been finding ways to make it more accessible. The protagonist appears to be a nimble character. Quickly dodging projectiles and zooming around the area. Sprinting, jumping, and dashing will be the key components of this character’s move set. He will have almost a ninja-like agility while fighting and exploring the environment. With that said, there appear to be quite a few distinct weapons to get a hold of in Luna Abyss.

From what was gleaned by the trailer, the weaponry will be more in the alien variety. Perhaps, things that are associated with maintenance of the facility. Objects like a nailgun and its ilk could be something to use in this game. Also, a firearm that looked like a plasma rifle was briefly seen. The standard pistol, shotguns, machineguns, and other military arsenals probably won’t be around in Luna Abyss. Unless a military presence is somehow involved with the story. Whatever the case, this is all just speculation. There are, however, blades that can be thrown for a quick takedown. Additionally, it is a fair bet that other secondary weapons will be available like grenades. The level design could be within the “wide linear” layout. Given that this game takes place with a single-massive structure, clearing areas and making progress could be this game’s format.

Cosmic Comaradie

Alternately, Luna Abyss could very well be more of a Metroidvania type of game. The levels seem vast and teeming with various pathways and places to explore. Since this game is considered an “adventure game” then this might be the case. There will also most likely be a slew of collectibles to find in this game that will provide exposition and general background on what happened to Greymont. Very similar to Bioshock, in that regardPlayers will need to take the initiative and soak up all the environmental narrative that will be wrought within Luna. There might be some NPCs to interact with, as well. As of right now, this game is aimed to be a single-player experience. There appears to be no multiplayer component planned for this game. Nor does it need it. This experience is supposed to be a lone, isolated journey to have the player feel helpless, in some cases.

Not very many games like this come along anymore and it’s always a welcomed addition. Luna Abyss could be a gem in the making that might slip under the radar if gamers aren’t paying attention to it. There is still much to discover about what this game has to offer. Right now, the details on this game are pretty thin and there are many directions as to where development could go. Needless to say, there is a unique design to this game that gives it a certain visual flair. Thus, there is also a whimsical undertone to it when it comes to the creature designs. There is a more cerebral journey with Luna Abyss than one might assume. It will have fast-paced action, sure. However, the depth of the story will probably be this game’s main appeal. There will most likely be twists and turns while trying to unravel this enigma.

Maniac Moon

Of course, there is no release date established for Luna Abyss. It will be a while before the developers announce a possible window for it. Until then, gamers will need to hold on to see if there will at least be early access to Beta for it. When released, Luna Abyss will be available for PC exclusively. No word if it will be coming to consoles. More games are becoming cross-platform this generation, so it is possible. Until then, let us wait and see how development will unfold and what other mechanics will be established with this new IP.

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