Rare Photo of My Childhood Unearthed

Damnit mom, I told you no more baby photos on my site!

Anyway, in actuality this is an image that I have to reluctantly source from Geekologie to Fashionably Geek to (sigh) 9Gag. It’s a young mother after my own heart who took a pregnancy Pokeball picture that would have been good enough by itself, but following it up with a little Pikachu is just too adorable not to share.

Not sure she needed to paint his cheeks when his hood already has the spots, but whatever, I suppose.

When he’s seventeen, he’ll evolve if given a Thunderstone for his birthday.

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  2. She’s doing it wrong,it should be a Pichu suit,then it would evolve to Pikachu when his happiness reaches the maximum amount. Damn poser,a shame to all Pok√©nerds worldwide! /sarcasm

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