Mega Man’s Bosses, Reimagined

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Mega Man, unlike many of his video game counterparts, has not undergone a particularly forward-thinking makeover in recent years. His latest game was almost identical to his old ones, and it seems he’s never going to loose that cartoony look. For better, or worse.

One artist decided to think outside the box and evolve the series in a way that it refuses to evolve itself. He took some of the most famous bosses of the game and, as I like to say when this sort of project is undertaken, “badassified” them.

As for our hero? Check out what Van Der Dot thinks he could look like below:

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  1. i actually a like it a lot.

    @ Mr Right
    The only reason we even have the cartoony figures in the first place is because having a lot of browns/greys/muted colors straight up does not work in an 8-bit or 16-bit environment. Everyone would look like piles of poop, literally. How do you know this isn’t much closer to how the creators imagined Mega Man when they created him?

  2. Actually, the sprites are about how Keiji Inafume (the creator of Megaman) designed them. The official art made before the game that was released looked basically identical to the sprites. He had the cartoony look all the way from the basic days, though in the planning era he was called “Mighty Kid” and was red and yellow (Inafume’s two favorite colors, which many of the robot masters through the series are colored, including other characters like Protoman and Zero) instead of the blue and cyan we’ve come to know and love.

  3. “How do you know this isn’t much closer to how the creators imagined Mega Man when they created him?”
    Because I’m not some Hot Topic-going 14 year old with no knowledge of video games.

    You’re painfully ignorant if you think concept art and character art didn’t exist in the 8-Bit era. Don’t talk about things you don’t understand.

  4. Sure I will throw fuel on the fire.

    @Mr. Right
    Please produce this concept art at the time of Mega Mans launch in the 8-bit era that you speak of. I used up all of my Google-Fu earlier in the day.

  5. @OrangeDot

    “That character was Mega Man. He headed a five person team, and hand drew the characters himself. His goal? “The easiest characters to draw for the Famicon were cute, not realistic. And robots were cute. I wanted to make something better than Astro Boy. I didn’t, but I wanted to.” ”

    That took five minutes, you cunt.


    @Mr. Right

    I agree. Making something a darker color, or half zombie, or whatever is in vogue this month really does nothing for me.

  6. @OrangeDot. Dude, Keiji drew out those characters damn near the same as you same as you have seen them in the game. I’ve seen the concept art, Mega Man Anniversary Collection has a commentary on it where he is showing off his first designs for Mega Man, Rock Man, Mighty Kid, whatever you decide to call him. On top of that, before they released later titles like 2 and 3, they had a contest where kids could send in their drawings for robot characters to be used in game. In Keiji’s words, “You had a game for kids, made by kids.” So, instead of trolling acting like you know what you are talking about, keep your mouth shut and listen to those that know much, much more than you on the subject!

  7. Look at all the “I have no life, so I stack up on my knowledge about shit that doesn’t matter” lames that are getting all butt hurt over a small matter, which isn’t even a real matter because it doesn’t fucking matter. Just letting you fags know that you made my day because I flat out laughed at you bitches. The pictures are cool and nobody cares what you think. Get a life and good luck with that.

    -Dedicated to “Mr. Right, LAO, and wannabe Zero”

  8. They could do a makeover of sorts of the game and pull a Metroid Prime, maintain the “cartoony” look but in a 3D first person game (but, you know, good, not like the first 3D MegaMan from like a decade ago)

  9. Nice illustrations. Too bad they look like refugee titans from god of war rather than anything even remotely connected to classic megaman.

    That last one is actually a pretty good rendition of megaman X. Too bad Paul Tassi clearly doesn’t know shit about what he’s talking about or he’d have recognized that immediately rather than thinking that was a re-imagining.

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