Fortnite Adds KAWS Peely Outfit

Fortnite add KAWS Peely Outfit

“Fortnite” has been an interesting game for literally many different reasons, almost a new reason practically every week, and with Indiana Jones finally, in the game, along with his quests, the current season has about hit the halfway point with content and the island hasn’t stopped changing due to the effects of the Reality Tree. However intense or constantly changing any season has been, that’s never stopped “Fortnite” from releasing collaborative events throughout the madness as well, such as the recently wrapped up Naturo Nindo Challenges and the latest addition to the KAWS collection of obtainable items in “Fortnite”. Below, we’ve gone into detail on the latest “Fortnite” KAWS Peely Outfit to hit the Fortnite item shop, as well as the possible future of the relationship between “Fortnite” and Kaws.


“Fortnite” has been a widely popular battle royale since it launched in beta as an Early Access title across various platforms. Since its initial launch, and not long after Season 1 had started, did “Fortnite” start to bring collaborations into its universe more and more often. The collaborations have reached much further than simply one piece of media being represented in “Fortnite” though, as “Fortnite” has had comic runs with DC Comics and currently has one with Marvel, as well as some collaborations taking over an entire season to some extent, such as Spider-Man’s webs being scattered throughout the island for the last few seasons.

Fortnite and Collaborations before KAWS

“Fortnite” has long been involved in collaborations with a wide variety of brands from fellow video games like “Halo” and “Among Us” to musicians like Marshmello and Major Lazer, a good chunk of famous gamers like Ninja and Loserfruit, and even artists such as KAWS and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Collaborations extend much further than that however with a collaboration present in practically every season and more and more often as the overall game continues to evolve and grow. KAWS only got his first collaboration with “Fortnite” in Chapter 2 Season 8 with the KAWS Skeleton but it was certainly an interesting collaboration with an Outfit, KAWS Skeleton, that had 4 selectable styles and was incredibly detailed and styled in a way that made it entirely unique from other outfits and collaborations in general. The original KAWS Skeleton figure that the “Fortnite” Outfit was based on also had 4 variants in the same colors as the Outfit: green, pink, orange, and white.

KAWS in Fortnite and an Artist

While Kaws may have had a very strong following before his “Fortnite” collaboration, the KAWS Skeleton Outfit certainly raised some awareness to not only the original Skeleton figure but to the overall work of Kaws himself. The Original KAWS Outfit did well and will likely get other variations or new Outfits entirely but one way or another they will likely reflect the general brand that represents Kaws as an individual. The newest addition to the KAWS family in “Fortnite” represents more of a true collaboration between the brands as it featured a Fortnite iconic character, Peely, in the traditional style that often represents a work of artist Kaws.

KAWS Peely Added to Fortnite

KAWS Peely, or KAWSPEELY as the Outfit and Bundle are properly titled, featured the classic “Fortnite” favorite body of Peely but what made the collaboration a true product of KAWS was the smaller, additional features present on the Outfit such as the classic cartoon style gloves, shoes, other annotations on the Outfit overall and of course KAWS style ears. It should also be noted that KAWS Peely also has a slightly peeled, and rotted head making it even more so KAWS than his own Skeleton figure. The sole KAWS Peely Outfit costs 1,200 V-Bucks while the entire bundle, which included  KAWS Companion Back Bling, FAR FROM HOME Glider, and Ripe On Time Wrap, and holds all related cosmetics to the Outfit goes for 1,800 V-Bucks. Although KAWS Peely didn’t remain in the shop long, not nearly as long as the second set of Naruto characters stayed around, it will likely see a return as it’s not the first collaboration between the artist KAWS and Fortnite, and Fortnite likes to extend collaborations as far as they can bring them. As “Fortnite” collaborations have gone quite far across various forms of media, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched for KAWS Peely to become a reality as a figure like the true art that KAWS has created previously before his collaboration with “Fortnite”. Regardless of if KAWS Peely becomes a reality or not outside of “Fortnite”, it’s very likely that “Fortnite” and Kaws will collaborate again within Fortnite, maybe a future Battle Pass Outfit or set.

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