Five Survival Games to Play If You Like Rust

“Rust” is an exciting survival game that can be challenging, given the unforgiving environments. It’s been more than 7 years since “Rust’ was first released. If you liked the game. You’re ready to move on to something in the same type you’re in luck. There are quite a few games out there that are a lot like Rust that you might enjoy trying. Here are the five games to play if you liked “Rust.”

5. Stranded Deep

“Stranded Deep” is a Steam game. If you’re into intense survival strategies then we highly recommend this game. You assume the role of a survivor of a plane crash. You find yourself stranded somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean. It covers an expansive area. This game will put your survival skills to the ultimate test. You’re required to explore and make discoveries that will help you to survive. You’ll have to scavenge to keep body and soul together. What’s cool about this game is that every time that you play it you encounter different experiences. You will come across different life-threatening scenarios to find out how well you’re prepared to tackle this kind of situation. It’s the ideal time to get in on the early play segment of the game. You can continue to play as the game progresses in its development.

4. Rising World

Have you ever wanted to run your own country? “Rising World” is a survival game that lets you establish your own civilization. You build your own world with your own two hands and the strategies you employ to create the best possible civilization. The issue is that you have to survive first. Although you can shape your world in any way that you like, you are required to overcome a variety of life-threatening challenges. You will explore high mountains, secret dungeons, dense forests, and deep caves. You will also be required to design your own tools and build them. You will also be in charge of creating your technologies. This game also allows you to engage with other players in a variety of scenarios. You will have the option to either forge alliances to team up with the others, fight them in bitter battles, or trade with them to help spread the wealth around. We like the fact that you can choose what kind of relationship you will have with other players. This adds a bit of realism to the overall plot and gives you more autonomy in the game. Bear in mind that the other players can also choose if they will be friendly with you or try to take you out. If you’re a fan of “Rust,” then we think you’re going to love “Rising World.”

3. “Astroneer”

Astroneer is a Steam game that was developed by System Era Softworks. It’s a survival game that was first released in 2016 for early access. The full release hit the market in 2019. This hard-core survival game takes you into other worlds as you are charged with the colonization of other planets. It is up to you to design and build your own structures, and find and collect the resources that you need to build your colonies and to survive. If you like the whole sci-fi theme then you’re going to enjoy “Astroneer.” The purpose of the game is to survive while exploring space. You must craft your way as you go, in a quest to reach and colonize a total of seven planets. The game can be played as a multiplayer or a single-player version. While it might sound like an easy game to play from the overview, trust us, it comes with a plethora of challenges and life-threatening situations. Do you think that you could survive in outer space? Can you build civilizations on seven planets?

2. “Subnautica”

Subnautica” is a survival game that combines action and adventure in an open-world format. The game was developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment and published by the same company. This intense survival game combines the exciting elements of an alien planet called 4546B and the oceanic environment you are charged to explore. You land there in a spaceship called the Aurora, but it was a crash landing on the surface of the planet. Your situation is not good from the beginning and you will be faced with life-threatening situations that call for you to be at your very best. You’ll need to strategize how to escape the dangers of an alien world while detecting and obtaining the resources that you need to survive.

1. Pathologic 2

The first thing that we noticed about Pathologic 2 is the graphics. They’re pretty cool. The game runs fairly smoothly. This makes it more entertaining with less frustration. This video game is all about survival, but it takes you into an open-world horror RPG. Your character will be required to do a lot of things that might make you feel squeamish. Just a few of the things you’ll have to do are performing autopsies, and fight and kill when it’s necessary for survival. Your number one priority is going to be to resist the plague. On top of that, you’ll learn how to make medicine and you’ll have the opportunity to heal people in the game. There is also a lot of trading required for you to get what you need to craft medicine and to get the basics necessary to survive. The setting of this video game is in a rural town that is secluded from the rest of the world. You will struggle with the outbreak of a dreadful plague that has invaded the town. Things will change fast in the town as the intensity of the game picks up and the challenges become more intense. You’ll watch the world around you quickly turn into a living hell.

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