A Gallery of Video Games Recreated With Legos

From someone very creative on Flickr who calls himself skinny coder comes this sweet gallery of video games scenes recreated using Legos.  Each of the scenes is instantly recognizable, and it looked like some of these took quite a bit of time.  There’s a lot of attention paid to detail, as not only are the characters and stages recreated, but energy gauges and other in-game information, too. 

I would definitely like to see if there are any more Lego creations like these, but in the meantime, it’s time to refill my cup.  Monday mornings without Jack Daniels are like blind dates without a handful of roofies.  Sure, you can make it through without, but it just isn’t any fun.  


Some nice Contra co-op action.  I wonder what the spread gun would look like.


The original NES Metal Gear.


Everyone’s least favorite dog, from video games or otherwise.


More Metal Gear.


NES Bionic Commando.


Someone is mashing the buttons trying to get his racer back to the bike as fast as possible.


More Bionic Commando.


More Duck Hunt, sans that stupid dog.


Castlevania level one boss.

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