Fall Guys Free For All on Switch and Xbox

Fall Guys, possibly the only game that could be compared to Fortnite in terms of near-instant popularity, has been available on PlayStation and PC for quite some time now with Nintendo Switch and Xbox users out of the loop. However, as Epic Games added Mediatonic to their ever-growing family it was only a matter of time before the hit party game was added to additional platforms, with crossplay and other goodies. Below, we’ve gone over the details on all of the interesting features, new and old, coming to Fall Guys as the game has started its Free For All event leading up to the officially free-to-play Season 1 in June, which will kick off Fall Guys on Switch and Xbox.

Fall Guys

To compare “Fall Guys” to “Fortnite” again, the game officially launched as a platform battle royale game, and while that may not describe the game well to anyone that has not played or seen the game before, that’s exactly what the game is as up to sixty players start at the beginning and must make their way through each level from one obstacle to the next. “Fall Guys” overall came off as a goofy game show but with a strong following since launch has evolved into so much more.

Free for All on Xbox, Switch, All Platforms

On top of “Fall Guys” set to become available on Xbox and Switch, Epic Games has also set “Fall Guys” to become truly free-to-play, meaning no purchase will be necessary in order to start playing the game, however below we have also discussed the perks for current players of the unique battle royale style game.

A New Season 1

While currently, “Fall Guys” has technically started their 6th season with the current theme of “Party Spectacular”, the Free for All update has essentially been announced as a restart or rather the first out-of-beta season with “Free for All”. Although Fall Guys can be expected to go free-to-play with its newest season, Season 1 will be a brand new start for the game and will include even more craziness than the usual season. Season 1 of “Fall Guys” has already been announced to include “new levels, costumes and ever-evolving gameplay, cross-platform play and cross-progression means new challengers, new friends, and new squadmates”, according to the official Mediatonic post that regarded the new Free for All season. With Epic Games as the newer home for “Fall Guys”, the game will also leave Steam and be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store for PC players.

Fall Guys Legacy Players

Legacy players, players that currently or previously have played “Fall Guys”, will have everything from the current version of “Fall Guys” as well as a bunch of other goodies from Mediatonic as thanks for sticking around for so long. Items that will be distributed to legacy players, in the form of the Legacy Pack, when the new season has launched in June will include a nickname, a nameplate, the Regal costume, the Veggie Dog costume, the Feisty Dwarf costume, and a Season Pass for the upcoming season. Unfortunately for legacy players, currency changes are also expected to happen such as Crowns being considered prestige and will be converted into Kudos at a rate of 2000 Kudos per Crown, as well as a new currency that will become available called “Show-Bucks” that can only be purchased with real money.

Fall Guys Season 1 Season Pass

As “Fall Guys” already have a Season Pass per season, a paid version of the free progression path, all players can look forward to a revamped Season Pass that’s already set to include 100 levels that reward items such as costumes and other unlockables, and all Kudos, the currency of “Fall Guys”, will carry over from the current version of the game, and across all platforms. While players that currently play “Fall Guys” can be assured that they will be gifted a Season Pass when Season 1 has launched alongside Free for All, new players can pre-register for rewards when “Fall Guys” have launched on Xbox and Switch. On top of all of the goodies that come with the Season Pass, players that get through all 100 levels of the current Season Pass have the opportunity to unlock the next.

Fall Guys on Xbox and Switch Pre-Registration Rewards

For players that will be new to “Fall Guys”, when Free for All launches Season 1 on Xbox and Switch, Mediatonic and Epic Games have currently set up the Free for All Pre-Registration Event which showcased the rewards players will find in their accounts when “Fall Guys”officially launch for Xbox and Switch. The rewards players can expect, from currency to costumes, include a nameplate, Kudos, the Burgers Pattern, the Muscleman Emote, and Melonhead Costume. Anyone who pre-registers for the upcoming season of “Fall Guys” on all platforms, such as the newly supported Xbox and Switch, will receive all of the above-listed rewards, and as every milestone has already been hit, it’s certainly worth pre-registering.

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