Epic Games Receive $2 Billion Investment

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According to a press release from Epic Games, two companies familiar with Epic Games previously, Sony and KIRKBI, invested a total of $2 billion into Epic Games in what has simply been disclosed as, “funding to advance the company’s vision to build the metaverse and support its continued growth.” Below, we’ve gone into detail on the companies involved in the $2 billion investment received by Epic Games, the video game industry-leading company, what the money could be intended for, and more, including the future of the metaverse and gaming.

Epic Games Receive $1 Billion Investment from KIRKBI

Although unknown to most, KIRKBI is the family-owned holding and investment company behind LEGO, which recently announced a partnership with Epic Games before said investment of $1 billion was announced that they would help Epic Games create a metaverse for kids that safe for them. While this money was more than likely part of that deal to create a metaverse with the two companies, Epic Games and LEGO, the new investment showed just how dedicated LEGO was to Epic Games’ efforts. The CEO of KIRKBI stated regarding their trust in Epic Games, “Epic Games is known for building experiences and empowering creators large and small.” LEGO specifically believed that the portion of their $1 billion, of $2 billion total from both companies, the investment that went into Epic Games was focused on trends that the company believed were crucial to and would with certain help shape the forthcoming future regarding the ever-expansive digital spaces, such as metaverse hubs, which Sony, LEGO, and Epic Games all share a common interest with. Overall, the total $2 billion investment from KIRKBI, and Sony, to Epic Games was likely the best move, however expensive it may appear, as futuristic technology and resources aren’t as easily measured as other resources so $1 billion from each company will probably support Epic Games in a variety of ways.

Epic Games Receive Other $1 Billion of $2 Billion Investment from Sony

While most recently for this investment, Sony invested $1 billion, previously the company also invested a total of $450 million through two separate investments, but this newest investment more than doubled that, which showed just how much Sony truly trusts Epic Games with their intentions for the future including the metaverse. However, one previous payment from Sony towards Epic Games was less of a direct investment into what Epic Games planned on doing with the metaverse and more to do with Sony acquiring a minor stake in Epic Games, which certainly made the most recent deal a no-brainer for all parties involved. Interestingly, the previous minor stake acquisition of Epic Games was earned after Epic showcased a PlayStation demo that utilized Unreal Engine  5 and earned Sony’s interest but what’s most interesting was Sony’s change of mind in order to truly utilize Epic’s cross-platform services that they were previously extremely against.

It’s really no wonder that Sony has such strong trust in Epic Games to combine their technologies as even huge developers such as Square Enix are using Unreal Engine for “Kingdom Hearts 4”. In the past and currently, several games and apps use Unreal Engine but some upcoming games that have stated they will be created using Unreal Engine 5 are “ARK II”, “Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate”, and of course “Fortnite“, as it’s practically the guinea pig for all Unreal Engine experiments. When it came to Epic Games’ opinion on the subject of the $2 billion in investments from Sony and KIRKBI, Tim Sweeney, current CEO and founder of Epic Games said, “As we reimagine the future of entertainment and play we need partners who share our vision. We have found this in our partnership with Sony and KIRKBI. This investment will accelerate our work to build the metaverse and create spaces where players can have fun with friends, brands can build creative and immersive experiences and creators can build a community and thrive.”

The statements made by all three companies involved in Epic Games’ recent investment recipient of $2 billion further cemented just how deep Epic Games tends to go into the metaverse heavy future, as well as the companies they’ve partnered with, which should most interestingly create the most unique VR experiences possible with Sony and Unreal Engine at their greatest states. Overall, the press release stated that “All three companies highly value both creators and players, and aim to create new social entertainment meant exploring the connection between digital and physical worlds.”, which alone added certainly to the trust these companies have in Epic Games in order to each invest $1 billion into Epic Games’ future endeavors in the metaverse.

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