Playstation 4’s Used Games Instructional Video

Want to see what a corporate smackdown looks like in only twenty two seconds? Then watch the video above.

The context is that Microsoft has been getting shit for weeks now about how it’s complicated to lend your games to friend. You can play signed into your account, but if they want to play by themselves, you can’t just give them a disc anymore, they have to buy it. I believe there may be a “one friend allowance” rule or something, but still, it’s restrictive.

The video above is Sony’s answer, and was one part of their epic beatdown of Microsoft in last night’s press conference which I will be discussing in further detail in a podcast with Benny later on tonight.

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    “Xbox One will also allow you to give up to 10 family members access to log in and play from your shared games library on any Xbox One.”

    I think that allowing ten people on your “friends and family plan” unlimited access to your entire library via the “Super Cloud” is about as uncomplicated and, frankly, AWESOME, as can be. Microsoft could be a bit more clear, and have put more thought into their info release, but the fact that so many sources on the web are piling on with misinformation and nonsense, while praising Sony while they hide behind doubletalk and snark (“no DRM for us!”/”DRM and resales are up to publishers, aka exactly the same stance M$ has that we’re making fun of!”) is just ridiculous. I know this is just a goofy blog, but I’d expect more journalistic integrity on Forbes, IGN, and the like. Seems everyone is playing catch up on the bad news, but the fan boy legions will hang on everything to their dying day.

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