Even More ’90s Game of Thrones Characters

GoT New 6

Usually when I find an artist that does a cool series I like, I say something like, “And I really hope they do more! If so, I’ll give them another feature!” Usually, that never happens, but Mike Wrobel is just continuing to kill it with these ’90s Game of Thrones makeovers.

He’s done well over a dozen by now, and this latest batch might actually be the best of the bunch. I love the hip, happenin’ White Walker above, but you’ll find Varsity jacket-wearing Rob, mechanic Hound, police chief Tywin Lannister, and more.

It really is a fantastic series, and you should check out the new offerings below. He has to be running out of main characters by now, right?

GoT New 7

GoT New 5

GoT New 4

GoT New 3

GoT New 2

GoT New 1

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