A Collection of Witcher 3 New Game Plus Tips

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the better RPGs to have been released in recent times. As a result, interested individuals might want to replay it using its New Game + feature. However, The Witcher 3 is both familiar and unfamiliar when played in this manner, meaning that it is a good idea to read up on what to expect. Here are some things to keep in mind about New Game +:

You Won’t Have Access to Your Items in the Tutorial

The items that are carried over won’t be available in the tutorial. As a result, interested individuals shouldn’t panic if they don’t see their possessions in this part of the game. Fortunately, the tutorial won’t last very long, particularly since the version in New Game + has been truncated. Presumably, the people behind The Witcher 3 figured that the player didn’t need a refresher.

Understand What Is and Isn’t Carried Over

In any case, it is very important for interested individuals to understand what is and isn’t carried over to New Game +. For starters, they should expect to keep their gold, their abilities, and most of their items, which include those that have been stored in their stash. However, interested individuals should expect to lose their books, their trophies, their quest items, their crafting diagrams, some of their alchemical formulas, their Gwent cards with the exception of their starting Northern Realms deck, their Bestiary entries, their Character entries, and the information that has been filled in on their map. Summed up, interested individuals will retain things that will not eat into their play experience. Everything else will need to be picked up in New Game +.

There Might Be a Bug

There are reports of a bug for New Game +, which may or may not kick in for interested individuals. In short, what happens is that stacks of mutagens in the inventory as well as the stash might get reduced to single mutagens. Meanwhile, the stacks of mutagens that have been slotted will be fine. The simplest solution to this particular problem is to make separate saves. After which, interested individuals should start New Game + on one save, check to see if the bug has kicked in, and then reload using the other save if it has. However, if the bug proves to be stubborn, there are various ways to minimize the amount of damage done by it. For example, consider splitting each stack of mutagens into one for the inventory and one for the stash, thus ensuring that the player will retain not one but two mutagens. Likewise, consider putting greater red mutagens into the slots to preserve them because those are the rarest, meaning that the rest are more expendable by comparison.

Expect Level-Scaling

Perhaps unsurprisingly, New Game + comes with level-scaling. After all, it wouldn’t have any challenge without it, meaning that it would lose much of its appeal for a lot of interested individuals. In any case, it is important to note that its level-scaling is dynamic in nature, thus enabling it to keep up with the player based on the player’s leveling. Please note that this means that the suggested difficulty levels for the quests will go up by at least 25 levels.

You Are Going to Need New Gear

Speaking of which, this means that while interested individuals can count on their existing gear to carry them for a while into New Gear +, they are eventually going to need new gear. Fortunately, just as how their enemies have become more challenging, the drops from their enemies have become more powerful. As such, looting gear from defeated enemies remains a perfectly viable solution for those who are looking to keep themselves competitive. Naturally, the other option would be crafting their own gear. This should be easier because interested individuals should already know where they can find the necessary crafting diagrams as well as the necessary crafting materials. Unfortunately, they are still going to need to do the associated legwork in order to get their hands on them. For that matter, it should be mentioned that level requirements for crafting gear will go up as well, meaning that interested individuals won’t be able to deck themselves out in the best of everything anytime soon.

Aerondight Can Remain Viable for Quite Some Time

Aerondight (https://witcher.fandom.com/wiki/Aerondight) is the silver sword that can be picked up from “There Can Only Be One” in the Blood and Wine expansion. It is relevant because of its special mechanic. In short, Aerondight gains charges for delivering blows but loses charges over time as well as when the player takes a blow. If the player can kill an enemy with the fully-charged sword, they can increase its damage on a permanent basis. Thanks to this, Aerondight can remain viable for quite some time into New Game +, which can save interested individuals a lot of time and effort. Please note that the sword can have three slots for Runewords added to it, so if interested individuals want it to be even more capable in their hands, they should get that done before they jump over into New Game +. Otherwise, they can expect to wait for a long time for that option to become available once more.

Understand How to Get the Various Endings

A lot of people choose to replay RPGs to see different outcomes. Naturally, the different endings are the most notable examples of these, meaning that interested individuals might want to brush up on them. For starters, Geralt’s ending depends on his romantic choices, which should be pretty obvious. Be warned that it isn’t possible to pursue both Triss and Yennefer at the same time, though the consequences from trying to do so can be pretty entertaining. As for Ciri, keeping her alive requires scoring at least three positive points. Such points can be earned by having a snowball fight rather than having a drink, going straight to Velen rather than visiting Emhyr, letting Ciri go alone to the Lodge of Sorceresses, letting Ciri wreck Avallac’h’s lab, and letting Ciri visit Skjall’s grave. Be warned that going straight to Velen puts Ciri on the path to becoming a Witcher. If interested individuals want her to become Empress, they need to visit Emhyr as well as complete “Blood on the Battlefield” by killing Imlerith.

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